Change History for UsingTheRightCompiler

Version Date Author Comment
34 3 years mojca (Mojca Miklavec) link to XcodeVersionInfo
33 4 years larryv (Lawrence Velázquez) update compiler list
32 4 years dstrubbe (David Strubbe)
31 4 years dstrubbe (David Strubbe) Removed dragonegg 3.0, 3.1, 3.2 which have been obsoleted.
30 4 years cooljeanius (Eric Gallager) Mention "compiler.blacklist" and friends, which had previously been …
29 5 years larryv (Lawrence Velázquez) add Clang 3.5 and DragonEgg 3.5 (r114756)
28 5 years larryv (Lawrence Velázquez) un-comment DragonEgg/GCC combinations
27 5 years ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt) edit default-compiler section
26 5 years cooljeanius (Eric Gallager) Add information about C++ runtimes based on …
25 6 years larryv (Lawrence Velázquez) add DragonEgg subports from r108372:108374
24 6 years larryv (Lawrence Velázquez) make "/usr/bin/cc" and "/usr/bin/gcc" unformatted
23 6 years ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt) indicate end of llvm-gcc-4.2 inclusion in Xcode
22 6 years larryv (Lawrence Velázquez) describe cc and gcc somewhat more accurately, until I get better …
21 6 years larryv (Lawrence Velázquez) add some Xcode version information
20 6 years larryv (Lawrence Velázquez) create table of compilers
19 6 years neverpanic (Clemens Lang) remove references to gcc_select, which is no longer the way to change …
18 6 years larryv (Lawrence Velázquez) add title
17 6 years ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt) rewrite some paragraphs
16 6 years ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt) update some examples
15 6 years larryv (Lawrence Velázquez) update list of compilers recognized by 2.1.3
14 6 years nerdling (Jeremy L) update available compilers
13 6 years ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt) repository URL changed
12 7 years nerdling (Jeremy L) update compiler list
11 8 years ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt) remove instructions telling the user how to override a port's chosen …
10 8 years raimue (Rainer Müller) gcc3x ports no longer exist in the ports tree, removed in r71379
9 8 years ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt) add macports-gcc-4.6
8 9 years ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt) refinements
7 9 years ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt) update for 10.6
6 10 years ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt) Users are advised not to change a port's compiler manually
5 10 years wiml@… example of actually using the setting
4 10 years ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt) explain why the strategy in How to test works
3 10 years ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt) minor wording change in How to test
2 10 years ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt) add section on detecting ports that aren't using ${} et al
1 10 years ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt) new page explaining the rationale behind ${configure.compiler}