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MacPorts Support

Welcome to MacPorts support page. Here we have bugs and docs...

MacPorts Starting Points

  • Home Page — The MacPorts home page
  • MigrationStrategy — Strategy for migrating from opendarwin to macosforge
  • CommitterDocs — Documentation for MacPorts committers.

MacPorts Support & Development

  • NewCommittersGuide — Startup instructions for new committers.
  • GettingStarted — Introductory note on MacPorts for new users
  • ManuallySettingShell — Setting needed shell variables.
  • FAQ — Ongoing "Frequently Asked Questions" effort.
  • BuildPhases — Brief documentaion of the different stages during a port installation.
  • Legacy DarwinPorts Site — For access to documentation that has not yet been migrated.

Trac Starting Points