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The MacPorts Wiki

Welcome to the MacPorts Wiki. Here you may learn about MacPorts usage, development, and support.

MacPorts Starting Points

MacPorts Support

  • ProblemHotlist — Problems affecting many MacPorts users.
  • LeopardProblems — Recurrent problems with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard in Portfiles.
  • FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions, find answers to common questions
  • MacPorts Guide — Detailed help and support guide for MacPorts
  • MailingLists — Get help from a mailing list or archives.
  • TracTicketing — When and how to open tickets.
  • HOWTOs – Useful tips and tricks.
  • TracGuide — Trac Wiki Documentation.
  • Mirrors - Sync with a closer server.

MacPorts Development