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Ones that I have not yet gotten around to filing:

I used to keep this list in a text file on my computer, but figured it would make more sense to keep it here on Trac instead. Issues may be on this list because I still need to look for duplicates, or gather more information, or investigate further, before I can actually file tickets for them. When I do actually file a ticket for one of these, or find a ticket for the same issue that already exists, I will generally just leave it on here and cross it off instead of removing it entirely. Note that crossing it off only means that a ticket has been filed or already existed, not that it has been solved. Once it has actually been solved, then I will remove the crossed-out entry for it entirely.

  • asn1c filed #42779
  • gcc48 (actually libgcc, one of the issues still open for it is: #40548 - see also the ones for mpfr and libmpc)
  • gnome-panel
  • gnome-settings-daemon (my fault - I had a local copy of one of its dependencies that was not up-to-date, which I guess could be considered #36951)
  • gnutls found #42728
  • gvfs was already cc-ed on #32652, which is more of a runtime error, and I think I had been experiencing a build failure, but it seems to have solved itself, as I now have the most recent version of gvfs installed
  • libdnsres (various undeclared identifiers)
  • libmpc filed #42733
  • metakit (conflicting typedefs for 't4_i32')
  • mod_jk found #23023, not sure the update will fix the issue I had been experiencing though...
  • mod_security2 was already cc-ed on #39074, not sure if that was the same issue I had been experiencing though...
  • mpfr filed #42732, also inspired me to file #42731
  • ossp-cfg (missing symbols)
  • ossp-fsl (depends on ossp-cfg)
  • ossp-l2 (missing symbols)
  • pamtester (dislikes the system pam headers)
  • py-cartopy
  • rgm3800
  • rsync-lart (conflicts with rsync)
  • scotty (probably a Tcl version incompatibility)
  • sendpage (tries to write outside of destroot)
  • sfcgal
  • sicp (texinfo failure)
  • slib-guile16 (depends on guile16, which has a separate entry below) (could also be due to its other dependency, slib, in which case I was already on cc for a relevant ticket: #42370)
  • slirp (found #41875, which might have been the same issue that I was having)
  • sloth
  • srm (linking error, objects have bad architecture)
  • webkit-gtk (already on cc for a bunch of webkit-gtk tickets; open ones include #41560 and #41737; also found a bunch more; open ones include #21151 and #34448; not sure which one was the one I was experiencing most recently though...)
  • xorg
  • xorg-server
  • crlibm
  • glpng
  • pngmeta (found #26263, forget if my issue was the same)
  • liboss (found #14590, forget if my issue was the same)
  • mdbtools (because txt2man is not universal)
  • py*jcc
  • p5*css (various perl versions conflict) mojca opened #46562
  • pccts (conflicts with antlr)
  • watchman
  • chmsee (depends on firefox-x11, which no longer exists in trunk - brought up on mailing lists, at least)
  • swig-clisp (clisp is i386, swig-clisp is x86_64 - I guess that makes it an example of #34891 - added a comment saying so: ticket:34891:6)
  • gcl (found #12906 and #40468, mine was probably the same as one of those)
  • samba3 +kerberos+openldap (found the following tickets open against samba3: #30951, #34572, and #39997. None of them are really build errors though...)
  • sudo +insults+openldap (found #21314, #40644, and #40959. None of them are really build errors though...)
  • mapnik +cairo+gdal+osm+postgis+sqlite (the +cairo variant in particular is what I think is the issue... also the scons-based build system ignores stuff.) (found #30187, #32452, #35323, #37995, and #38417; I think #36134 in particular is the issue I was experiencing though)
  • gob1 (not actually broken, just installs /opt/local/share/aclocal/gob.m4 which produces underquoted macro warnings when autoreconfing) fixed locally, just need to generate a patch for the Portfile, and then contribute it along with my macrofile-patch back upstream...
  • libmemcached +dtrace+hsieh (found tickets for other memcached ports, but not this one though...)
  • gnome-vfs +avahi (just the post-activate gconf schemas installation)
  • linuxdoc-tools (found #42988, which was the same issue. Running into something else now though...)
  • astyle +java+lib
  • cl-ppcre +asdf_binary_locations+sbcl (just requires some manual interaction at one point)
  • docbook-utils (found #43750; might have been something older than that though)
  • cm3 (and, by extension, cvsup) (cm3's distfile is bad) found #26676, which looks like the same issue
  • cvsync +universal (unrecognized --disable-dependency-tracking flag)
  • libctl (needs variants for newer versions of gcc)
  • libchloride
  • guile16 (needs muniversal)
  • svdlibc (checksum mismatch - possible stealth update?)
  • netcdf-fortran (was already on cc for #39319, which was not actually a build failure, and also found #42888, which might have been it)
  • qd
  • sowing
  • nusmv (missing MiniSat?) found #32627, which looks like the same thing.
  • sharutils (works, just needs to be updated to 4.14) (also maybe get the libexec/gnubin treatment?)
  • p5.[8|10]-perlbal (conflicts with p5.12-perlbal)
  • mp3fs (was already on cc for #43490)
  • krbafs
  • kumofs (+universal fails because rb-msgpack is non-universal) (should probably be done as part of the update for #31620)
  • pcc (missing lib directories) addressed as part of #37206
  • AfterStep (found #18700, not a build failure though...)
  • Eterm (actually libast)
  • libbert
  • hoard
  • opal (rev-upgrade after installing ode +debug - filed #43595)
  • libgksuui10 found #36799, which is probably it
  • bashdb (bash4.3 is too new - filed #43590)
  • dialog found #42165, which is probably it
  • fcrackzip (conflicts with unzip)
  • gpgme (when argp-standalone is active - needs to use the conflicts_build PortGroup)
  • xar-devel (conflicts with xar)
  • postfix +dovecot_sasl+ldap+pcre+sasl+tls+universal (upgrading from @2.11.0_0 to @2.11.1 - looks related to berkeley-db)
  • open-cobol (ran into issue while updating to 2.0 - filed ticket upstream:; the MacPorts ticket for the update is around here somewhere...)
  • bazaar +universal (--disable-dependency-tracking not recognized)
  • girara +universal (needs the muniversal portgroup)
  • zmq +pgm (keeps hanging on libtool lock: "glibtool: link: Waiting for libpgm_noinst.a.lock to be removed") found #36554 which was the same variant but a different failure
  • a few others that were my own fault...
  • ffmpeg (need to incorporate the freetype2 patch that the Portfile in trunk uses into my local copy of the Portfile - which, like the gnome-settings-daemon one above was, I guess could be considered #36951)
  • allegro5 +debug (opportunistically tries to use pandoc)
  • libftdi1 (mismatch between description and license, also opportunistically tries to use python)
  • uudeview (+tcltk variant is missing description and has incorrect lib:-style dependency on tcl - wants 8.4, but the tcl port provides 8.6 - this is #34826. Furthermore,uuwish crashes on startup)
  • pear-Sabre_DAVACL
  • gnuregex +universal is not actually universal
  • new ports needed for new optional dependencies of gdb: libmcheck (hard to disentangle from glibc) and libbabeltrace (seems (slightly) easier to port; I do have a Portfile for it, but it is kind of a mess...)
  • QLStephen
  • ike-scan @1.9 +universal (rev-upgrade reports it as broken - needs revbump due to recent gettext upgrade, among other things)
  • libsvg-cairo @0.1.6 (rev-upgrade reports it as broken due to libpng)
  • postgis2 @2.1.2 +gui+postgresql92+raster+topology+universal (rev-upgrade reports it as broken)
  • pretty much all of the fuse ports I have installed with +universal, because the switch to osxfuse removed the universal variant (already on CC for a bunch of fuse issues)... currently I'm just giving up and re-installing them with -universal, but a proper fix would still be nice...
  • dvi2bitmap
  • icoutils ("/opt/local/bin/ranlib: archive member: libcommon.a(libgnu.a) fat file for cputype (16777223) cpusubtype (3) is not an object file (bad magic number)" - usually the muniversal PortGroup solves things like this)
  • javatar depends on gnu-classpath, which runs into #38113
  • libextractor (opportunistically tries to use rpm, which then leads to a build failure)
  • anjuta (probably my fault due to having broken headers in /usr/local...) seems to work again?
  • ...

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