Change History for howto/InstallingOlderPort

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21 5 months jmroot (Joshua Root) update for github
20 8 months raimue (Rainer Müller) Add TODO for updating the page after moving to Git and GitHub
19 12 months JDLH (Jim DeLaHunt) New section: Working with the older ports
18 2 years ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt) rewrote; removed instructions for manually downloading from repository …
17 4 years ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt) Better explanation of permission errors
16 4 years develop@… Works for me. Can a macports devel confirm ?
15 4 years david@… Instructions for specifying a subport (e.g. py27-pylint)
14 5 years danarea@…
13 5 years danarea@… I believe that this ownership change is required in all cases, so …
12 7 years ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt) remove references to +darwin_9; MacPorts no longer records platform …
11 7 years jmroot (Joshua Root) update to reflect current activate behaviour
10 8 years blb@… Add new section with a complete example (for php5)
9 8 years ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt) Reword introduction to show how older versions can be much more easily …
8 8 years ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt) Add note on installing Subversion; reword "Checking out the port" section
7 8 years ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt) reword introduction, removing word "limitation"
6 8 years febeling@… Make Intro less missleading
5 8 years mf2k (Frank Schima) Spelling fix.
4 8 years blb@… Add section about using svn to grab the port directory instead of …
3 8 years blb@… Reformat to match other howto pages
2 9 years hypocrite@… i found i needed to use "sudo"
1 9 years ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt)