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23 4 months jmroot (Joshua Root) nonexistent subport info
22 12 months ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt) Remove outdated php5 example
21 20 months jmroot (Joshua Root) update for github
20 23 months raimue (Rainer Müller) Add TODO for updating the page after moving to Git and GitHub
19 2 years JDLH (Jim DeLaHunt) New section: Working with the older ports
18 3 years ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt) rewrote; removed instructions for manually downloading from repository …
17 5 years ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt) Better explanation of permission errors
16 5 years develop@… Works for me. Can a macports devel confirm ?
15 5 years david@… Instructions for specifying a subport (e.g. py27-pylint)
14 6 years danarea@…
13 6 years danarea@… I believe that this ownership change is required in all cases, so …
12 8 years ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt) remove references to +darwin_9; MacPorts no longer records platform …
11 8 years jmroot (Joshua Root) update to reflect current activate behaviour
10 9 years blb@… Add new section with a complete example (for php5)
9 9 years ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt) Reword introduction to show how older versions can be much more easily …
8 9 years ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt) Add note on installing Subversion; reword "Checking out the port" section
7 9 years ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt) reword introduction, removing word "limitation"
6 10 years febeling@… Make Intro less missleading
5 10 years mf2k (Frank Schima) Spelling fix.
4 10 years blb@… Add section about using svn to grab the port directory instead of …
3 10 years blb@… Reformat to match other howto pages
2 10 years hypocrite@… i found i needed to use "sudo"
1 11 years ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt)