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MacPorts does not include a feature to let you install an older version of a port. It only lets you install the current version of the port that has been created by the port author.

To install an older version of the port, you'll have to manually download the files from the repository. Browse the repository to find the directory of the port you want, then use the Revision Log link in the upper right to find the older version that you want to install. For example, if you wanted to install the older 8.4.16 version of tcl, browse to the lang/tcl directory and look at its revision log. Here you'll note that tcl was updated to 8.5.0 in r32235, so you want the revision before that, which was r30810. Click the @30810 link in the revision log (not the [30810] link) to see the directory as it existed in that revision. Click the Portfile to see it, then download it to disk using the Original Format link at the bottom of the page. The tcl port doesn't have a files directory, but if it did, you should download each file within it as well, and place them in a files directory on your disk in the same place where you downloaded the Portfile. Finally, use the Terminal to cd to the directory where you downloaded the Portfile and type "port install".