Frank Schima

  • Nicknames: mf2k, mf2k_mp
  • E-Mail: mf2k AT

Frank is an experienced programmer with skills in Java, PHP, SQL (MySQL 5, PostgreSQL 8.x), C, C++, and many other languages. Most recently Frank has been using Python for scientific programming at NIST in Boulder, Colorado.




Created the BBEdit MacPorts language module.


Assigned Tickets

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mysql5: uses /usr/lib/libstdc++.6.dylib as C++ standard library although macports::cxx_stdlib is set to libc++
offlinefs: Update to 0.4.7
port select should record its symlinks in the registry
Ports that depend on old llvm versions should be updated
port -q should suppress warnings
processing: Build error The method getRenderScale() is undefined for the type Screen
inkscape-devel: error: call to 'abs' is ambiguous
tienex-apfs: Invalid version
Limnoria: replacement for supybot
Some ports are failing to build due to new build system in Xcode 10
Avara: New port
Record default python and perl versions

mf2k On CC

Allow multiple ports to satisfy a single dependency
No qmake in /opt/local/bin/qmake
cyrus-sasl2: use Heimdal instead of MIT Kerberos on Lion and later
Ports with mysql4 or mysql5 variants and/or dependencies should switch to using mysql57+ or mariadb.
unify the use of +threads as a variant name
p5-opengl: fails on buildbot; _RegisterApplication(), FAILED TO establish the default connection to the WindowServer
cpan2port improvements
perl5: improve / reimplement packaging
openvpn2 startup script not working
font-misc-ethiopic needs runtime dependency on mkfontscale and mkfontdir
codeblocks: needs C++11
wine cannot be built against the 10.14 SDK
Please create a FreeCAD Py3/Qt5 port
netcdf 4.8.0: update fails after libstdc++ headers not found

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