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Mark Moll maintains a small number of ports related to โ€‹scientific computing.

Tickets for ports

Reported Tickets

port pypy39 does not build

Assigned Tickets

py3{2,3}-shiboken: build failure, members of libapiextractor.a have no symbols
py27-shiboken @1.2.2_3: build failure on PowerPC Leopard
hdf5 @1.8.15-patch1: add parallel version as subport instead of variant
py34-shiboken fail install or upgrade
HDF5 file locking issue when using dolfin
hdf5 @1.10.2: error: Fortran could not compile .f90 files
py27-shiboken fails to build on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
py38-shiboken: fatal error: 'Python.h' file not found


py27-graph-tool: build fails
unify the use of +threads as a variant name
Inconsistency between python-scientific and most recent version of Numpy
cmake-based ports: Switch to cmake 1.1 portgroup
#53930 retired
py37-graph-tool graph_draw throws segmentation fault without XQuartz running
Please provide a py-shiboken2 (py3) 5.12.0 LTS port
py27-graph-tool @2.2.26: We could not detect the boost libraries
nMOLDYN depends on removed port py27-MMTK
python and cmake portgroups interfere with one another: can't read "configure.pre_args": can't read "build.cmd": can't read "python.bin": can't read "python.prefix": can't read "python.branch": can't read "python.version": no such variable
py-graph-tool has wrong condition for deciding when to use sparsehash
scalapack @2.1.0 build failure due to implicit declaration

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