Adam Mercer


Reported Tickets

python27 @2.7.5_0: incorrect LINKFORSHARED from distutils.sysconfig
Internal compiler error (gcc-5.1.0) when using math.h on Yosemite
py27-astropy build fails with AttributeError
py27-scipy: fails to build on OS X 10.9

Assigned Tickets

py27-httplib2 fails to upgrade
cgminer @3.9.0 knc varient causes compilation error
lalburst is missing a dependency on numpy

Watching Tickets

googlecl @0.9.10_0, osxutils @1.7_1 attempt to install conflicting bin/google
vim, MacVim: Don't write backup for crontab or chpass
port GSI-Enabled OpenSSH
Replace GitX port with GitX-dev
py-gwpy @0.1a10 new port submission
py27-pyobjc build fails with setuptools 6
FSF gcc48 fails to compile projects on El Capitan due to OS X SDK bug in Availability.h
py27-ipyparallel @4.0.2_0 conflicts with py27-ipython
github PG: livecheck only latest release



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