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MacPorts Developers » mmoll

Mark Moll maintains a small number of ports related to scientific computing.

Tickets for ports

Reported Tickets

cmake_share_module_dir set to wrong value in cmake PortGroup
castxml: add variants for different versions of clang toolchain, use corresponding toolchain for compilation

Assigned Tickets

py3{2,3}-shiboken: build failure, members of libapiextractor.a have no symbols
arpack @3.1.3: Undefined symbols
Arpack can't find BLAS
arpack @3.1.3: configure failed
Update assimp to 3.1.1
py27-shiboken @1.2.2_3: build failure on PowerPC Leopard
arpack @3.1.5: Compiling SLEPc with ARPACK supports breaks because of "Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64"
hdf5 @1.8.15-patch1: add parallel version as subport instead of variant
py34-shiboken fail install or upgrade
hdf5 @1.8.15-patch1_0+gcc5+mpich test fails
Arpack configure failure
qhull fails to build on 10.6.8
qhull requires switches to cmake to build on 10.6.8


py27-graph-tool: build fails
libsdl: Cocoa backend is using deprecated APIs
unify the use of +threads as a variant name
Inconsistency between python-scientific and most recent version of Numpy
apr-util: use db48 rather than db46
subversion: use db48 rather than db46
py27-graph-tool @2.2.35_0 still broken after rebuilding
cmake-based ports: add cmake.out_of_source yes/no
port select for clang misses creating 'clang-apply-replacements' symlink

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