Ticket #6415: glademm-2.6.0-getopt.patch

File glademm-2.6.0-getopt.patch, 557 bytes (added by toralf@…, 15 years ago)

Patch for getopt issues

  • ./src/getopt.h

    old new  
    106106   differences in the consts, in stdlib.h.  To avoid compilation
    107107   errors, only prototype getopt for the GNU C library.  */
    108108extern int getopt (int argc, char *const *argv, const char *shortopts);
    109 #else /* not __GNU_LIBRARY__ */
    110 extern int getopt ();
    111109#endif /* __GNU_LIBRARY__ */
    112110extern int getopt_long (int argc, char *const *argv, const char *shortopts,
    113111                        const struct option *longopts, int *longind);