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    11So llvm 5 and earlier do not support `r -c`, but all `ar` versions/variants that I tried support the traditional form `rc`, including the basic `ar` from the system toolchain.
    22Alternatively the entire change to `ARFLAGS` could be removed because there is little reason to suppress the single line warning about creating a new archive in MacPorts builds. That might not be the case for regular builds that want to limit output so I'm not certain how appropriate upstreaming this change is. I'll leave that to the port maintainer anyway.
     5EDIT: yeah, I know, llvm 5 is old, 11 probably so much better yadayada. In practice, builds with v5 are much faster, the binaries (somewhat) smaller and not in any way slower or less correct than builds with much more recent clang versions. In fact, I just see I do have clang-12 installed but deactivated for that reason; I'll report back if my rc fix gives problem with that version.