Change History for KDE

Version Date Author Comment
27 7 months jjstickel (Jonathan Stickel)
26 7 months jjstickel (Jonathan Stickel) it seems that the location of Macports-supplied lanuchagents have …
25 4 years mkae (Marko Käning) fix sentence
24 4 years gitdevmod syntax (remove duplicate 'is' and add port command)
23 4 years mkae (Marko Käning) theme -> style
22 4 years mkae (Marko Käning) recommend installing qtcurve and kde4-workspace
21 4 years mkae (Marko Käning) remove doubled linke
20 4 years mkae (Marko Käning) kde-mac community
19 4 years mkae (Marko Käning) fix for plural
18 4 years mkae (Marko Käning) no need for running dbus with sudo these days anymore
17 5 years fux@…
16 5 years mkae (Marko Käning) adapt title for KDEProblems
15 5 years mkae (Marko Käning) link to KDE problems wiki page
14 6 years NicosPavlov Correcting bad wording
13 6 years IanWadham Cosmetic changes.
12 6 years IanWadham Add to 'Additional information'.
11 6 years IanWadham Add a link to the KDE applications page.
10 6 years IanWadham Add launch notes to the 'Installation location' section.
9 6 years IanWadham Add an up-front note about post-installation steps.
8 6 years IanWadham Added to and edited the 'User-required steps' section, including …
7 6 years IanWadham Added to and edited the 'Installing KDE with MacPorts' section.
6 6 years neverpanic (Clemens Lang) fix typo
5 6 years neverpanic (Clemens Lang) $applications_dir is /Applications/MacPorts
4 6 years IanWadham Rewrote the introduction. Added to and edited the 'KDE on Mac' section.
3 6 years larryv (Lawrence Velázquez) correct capitalization of "MacPorts"
2 6 years NicosPavlov Filling most of the intended sections
1 6 years NicosPavlov Creation of the page with the main intended structure