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This pages is about the improvements that are in place for Pallet during GSoC 2010. It contains both ideas, and progress info, as well as a roadmap (when that will be complete).

Proposed Changes

  • Fix the framework to work flawlessly
  • Variants Selection (when Installing a Port)
  • Show Build/Lib/Runtime Dependencies
  • Growl Support
  • Implement Queueing of Operations
  • Logging Support


Since we are adding features on Pallet, some work will have to be done on the framework. Most importantly, since the framework currently appears to be broken, i will also have to fix the bugs that occured due to MacPorts' changes.


First of all, there will have to be a redesign of the Icons, which are currently unacceptable for a Mac program. There will also have to be changes in the list of available ports to select variants. Since we will be adding Growl, there will need to be some redesign of the preferences window to add info on growl. For the queueing of operations, the idea is to create a drawer (or a pop-up window if the drawer is hard to implement) where operations are added, and when we are ready to go, we simply press start.


Growl Support (Pallet) - May 30

Variants Selection/Installation (Pallet/Framework) - June 16

Fix the problems with the framework (Framework) - June 23

Build/Lib/Runtime Dependencies (Pallet/Framework) - July 6

Queueing of Operations (Pallet) - July 20

Logging Support (Framework) - July 30

Cleanup/Implement minor fixes - August 16