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    6161It would be helpful to have alphabetic index available.
     63=== Highlight default variants ===
     64Highlight default variants on the port statistics page.
     66=== Link to port's homepage, `Portfile`, tickets ===
     68Create a link to port's homepage and a link to SVN folder where the `Portfile` is stored. Maybe also a link to `(svn co)<category>/<name>` and a link to open tickets for the port (the slight problem is that the tickets are a bit fuzzy as well – try searching for `spe` for example).
     70=== Display number of users of a port in Query Results ===
     72When listing ports (either all ports, those from specific category, by specific maintainer, ...), it would be nice to see the number of users (and the number of users who requested installation of that port) already on the list of ports, before asking for specifics. It's a bit annoying clicking on a port just to discover that there are no users anyway.
     74=== Make Query Results more compact ===
     76It's actually nice to allow both views (the current one also has benefits), but usually I would prefer to see a table with one line per port. Name, (maybe version), description, category, number of (requested) installations. I'm not interested in maintainers and variants when searching the port. It would be way more useful to be able to see maybe 200 rather than 50 ports per page and to be able to sort at least by name and number of (requested) installations.
     78Maybe some filters to browse ports would be even more useful (check the set of categories, select the maintainer, provide part of the name etc.), but more difficult to implement and not really required at this point.
    6380=== Show OS X version statistics for every port ===