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    102102Please note that this list is absolutely '''not exclusive'''! If you have any idea about what you want to see improved in MacPorts, you are free to propose this as your own project. In any case, we recommend you talk to mentors before writing your application.
     104Ideas mainly fall into one of the following categories:
     106  macports_base::
     107    You would be expected to extend and improve functionality of the core of the package manager, mainly written Tcl (and C). It's OK if you have no prior experience with Tcl though. See below for various ideas.
     108  ports::
     109    With tens of thousands of available ports probably overlapping with your daily needs of software. Portfiles are written in simple declarative Tcl, but you would probably spend more time figuring out how to (better) package the software which might be written in almost any programming language. A knowledge and passion of any language like C++, Perl, Ruby, Python, Rust, Go, Haskell, JavaScript, ... or technology like Qt, KDE, ... could greatly improve support of certain software in our ecosystem.
     110  infrastructure::
     111    Several independent projects to support development of MacPorts could be undertaken in any language of your choice (gravitating towards python & web), like writing a Django app in Python, improving frontend or backend of Buildbot continuous integration (JavaScript or Python), implementing a way to fire up virtual machines with macOS for continuous integration builds, ...
    104113=== Ideas ===