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Google Summer of Code, 2007

This is the main tracking page for MacPorts/Google Summer of Code 2007.

If MacPorts is selected as a Summer of Code participant, we'll post that information here and provide additional information for student applicants.


MacPorts is currently in the process of applying for organizational acceptance by Google for Summer of Code 2007.

  • The organizational application for MacPorts has been filed with Google. We'll be notified by google of their decision by Wednesday, March 14, 2007 (PST).


The following committers have agreed to be mentors for SoC (append for e-mail)

  • James Berry (base, general, ports) [jberry]
  • James Cox (general) [james at]
  • Juan Manuel Palacios (general) [jmpp]
  • Paul Guyot (base, general, ports) [pguyot]
  • Markus Weissmann (base, general, ports) [mww]


This is a list of some potential tasks that student SoC members could undertake. These are just ideas, and while they express our current concerns, we are open to blue-sky projects related to MacPorts. We strongly suggest that you discuss your contribution ideas with potential mentors by e-mail, on the MacPorts development list or the irc channel before applying.

Main Tasks (Base/Infrastructure Code)

Task 1: Dependencies

Implement support for richer dependencies, including dependencies on versions and, potentially, variants.

Classification: major task
Potential mentor: pguyot

Task 2: Python Group

Improve python group code (medium)

Classification: medium task

Task 3: Virtual "chroot"

Building from the trace mode mechanism, create real "virtual chroot" environments for building ports, constraining what their configure scripts can see and validating that their explicit dependencies are correct and fully-formed.

Classification: major task
Potential mentor: pguyot

Task 4: Binaries

Working in concert (or cooperatively) with whomever does (virtual chroot), get package building working all the way to a point where complete package builds can be done for all of MacPorts and the results made available to users as pre-build package collections.

Classification: major task
Potential mentor: pguyot

Task 5: Graphical user interface

Come up with a front-end for installing packages (or building ports, where no package exists) for naive end-users.

Classification: major task

Task 6: Pkgview (depot-to-depot dependencies)

Take what Will started with the notion of a depot location vs an installed location (e.g. /opt/local/var/db/dports/software/gawk/3.1.5_2/opt/local/bin/gawk vs /opt/local/bin/gawk) and finish the job, making depot-to-depot dependencies finally work. That is to say that if port foo depends on version 1.2.3 of port bar, it should be compiled and linked in such a way that it's wired to the depot location of bar, not the "activated" location. That will finally fix the fragility problem where deactivating port bar vers n-1 in order to install port bar vers n (because other things depend on n) won't also require breaking everything that relies on n-1.

Classification: major task
Potential mentor: pguyot

Task 7: Root privileges

Implement facility to reduce need to execute macports as root, by adding facilities to mark ports as requiring root, by dropping root privileges where possible, and perhaps by keeping repository in per-user space.

Classification: medium task

Task 8: Portfiles

Sweep through all Portfiles and look for useful opportunities to add more built-in Tcl functions that make Portfiles more (usefully) terse, powerful, flexible or easier to write. I'm sure there is an entirely family of helper functions yet to be written here. (medium)

Classification: medium task

Additional tasks

Task 9: Ports

  • Porting of additional packages to MacPorts
  • Cleanup and/or remove obsolete ports

Classification: medium task

Task 10: Documentation and Website

  • Improve macports documentation (minor - medium)
  • Improve macports website (minor - medium)

Classification: minor task