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NEW: fxscintilla-1.53

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the portfile can be found at:

Description: This is a FOX GUI toolkit port of the scintilla source code editor widget.


Comments: Has dependency on fox. Test runs flawlessly. The only catch is, i checked fxscintilla out of CVS and copied it's configure script to the old 1.53 version i'm submitting. For some reason the configure script in 1.53 doesn't work in os x. Since the main source page doesn't have a working download site, it's not such a big deal. But it should be noted that if someone is going to add a new download site for 1.53 to this Portfile for any reason, that it won't work without this updated configure script. (I've never patched anything before so i'm unaware on how to properly create a patch). The download site points to my server. It's a dedicated server with full duplex 100Mps transfer, so no one should worry about down time or speed issues. I'd prefer to change it over eventually to the offical download site and submit a correct patch once the developer fixes that. More than likely all of these issues will be solved once his downloads work again, since i bet the 1.55 release has an updated autoconf script.

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comment:1 Changed 17 years ago by olegb@…

I, personally, dont think this is a good idea. 1.55 is out (well, at least the homepage says so). Could you update the port to 1.55 and either get the author to get the source online or get an official tarball on, we really shouldnt distribute modified software that way.

comment:2 Changed 17 years ago by darwin@…


the cvs seems to be 1.55, and i had no issues using it.

for the 1.55 port of fxscintilla download the package (unchanged tarball straight from cvs) at http:/ / and the Portfile at http://

Let me know if there are any other issues.

comment:3 Changed 17 years ago by olegb@…

What is our stand point on this, is it a good idea to use the 1.55 tarball (pulled from cvs) on tristans server for this one, or ...

I dont like the thought of porters hosting their own sources, unless it is aboutly no way around...

I have no reason not to trust Tristan, but i cant check it, the there is no source or md5 on web. I know a am a paranoid freak :)

comment:4 Changed 17 years ago by darwin@…

if you want to make sure my tarball is untampered, just do this:

just check out fxscintilla's source: export CVS_RSH="ssh" cvs -z3 co fxscintilla

rename it to fxscintilla-1.55: mv fxscintilla fxscintilla-1.55

tarball it and zip it: tar -cf fxsintilla-1.55.tar fxsintilla-1.55 && gzip fxscintilla-1.55.tar

and compare the md5s: md5 fxscintilla-1.55.tar.gz

the md5 from that should match the md5 in my Portfile

comment:5 Changed 17 years ago by tp62@…

It looks like this is now available from:

That's where the download link from savannah goes. Tristan, if you can update the port to version 1.57, this port (and its dependencies, fxruby and freeride) should be good to go.

comment:6 Changed 17 years ago by darwin@…

the portfile ( has been updated for 1.57, with the official download site! should be good to go now :)

comment:7 Changed 17 years ago by tp62@…

Resolution: fixed
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Committed. Thanks, Tristan!

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