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Privoxy 3.0.8_1 fails to start following install

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After installing Privoxy using macports (3.0.8_1 on OS X 10.5.2), the daemon fails to start with the appropriate launchctl command. A search of the logs indicates:

Apr 07 16:22:52.494 Privoxy(000000a0) Info: Privoxy version 3.0.8
Apr 07 16:22:52.503 Privoxy(000000a0) Info: Program name: /opt/local/sbin/privoxy
Apr 07 16:22:52.503 Privoxy(000000a0) Fatal error: can't load actions file '/opt/local/etc/privoxy/standard': No such file or directory. Note that beginning with Privoxy 3.0.7, actions files have to be specified with their complete file names.

It appears that the old (3.0.6) config file carried over to 3.0.8_1? Therefore appending .action to the actionsfile(s) corrects the problem (@ line 337-339 in /opt/local/etc/privoxy/config):

actionsfile standard.action # Internal purpose, recommended
actionsfile default.action # Main actions file
actionsfile user.action # User customizations

It should be mentioned that I initially attempted to "upgrade" from 3.0.6, ran into the problem, uninstalled all versions of privoxy, reinstalled 3.0.8_1, ran into the same problem w/ the daemon not running, edited the config file, and restarted privoxy -> problem solved.

Perhaps my old config file from 3.0.6 was hanging around?

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The config file sticking around is the intended behaviour. New config files are created upon the port's activation if and only if they don't already exist.

comment:2 Changed 13 years ago by faircloth@…

sure, i understand completely. it would just be helpful to have the config file patched to function for the given release, rather than having to go to the logs to figure out why the daemon didn't start then editing the old config file.

all in all, a minor issue...

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