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base 1.7.0 Ruby port group seems broken: "can't read "file": no such variable"

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Component: base Version: 1.7.0
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A large number of ruby port are broken when you try to install from trunk installation. This is the error message.

Error: Target org.macports.destroot returned: can't read "file": no such variable
Error: Status 1 encountered during processing.

I thought it might have been the "type" of installation passed to the command ruby.setup, which is provided by ruby port group. A check against the existing set ruby ports does not confirm this theory.

Here a list of a manual bulk check I did just now. An "X" in the first column means the above mentioned error occured. (X* means some other error prevented successful install.)

X ./ruby/rb-acl/Portfile:ruby.setup		acl 1.0.1 basic_install.rb {README doc}
X ./ruby/rb-actionmailer/Portfile:ruby.setup        actionmailer 1.3.3 gem {} rubyforge:18408
OK ./ruby/rb-actionpack/Portfile:ruby.setup        actionpack 1.13.3 gem {} rubyforge:18401
OK ./ruby/rb-actionwebservice/Portfile:ruby.setup        actionwebservice 1.2.3 gem {} rubyforge:18411
X ./ruby/rb-activeldap/Portfile:ruby.setup		{activeldap ruby-activeldap} 0.5.3 setup.rb {README doc examples tests} rubyforge:1763
OK ./ruby/rb-activerecord/Portfile:ruby.setup        activerecord 1.15.3 gem {} rubyforge:18405
OK ./ruby/rb-activesupport/Portfile:ruby.setup        activesupport 1.4.2 gem {} rubyforge:18398
OK ./ruby/rb-acts_as_taggable/Portfile:ruby.setup			acts_as_taggable 2.0.2 gem {} rubyforge_gem:taggable
OK ./ruby/rb-aes/Portfile:ruby.setup		{aes aes-rb} 0.1.0 extconf.rb {README \
X* ./ruby/rb-algorithm-diff/Portfile:ruby.setup		{algorithm-diff diff} 0.4 install.rb {README doc samples}
X ./ruby/rb-archive-tar-minitar/Portfile:ruby.setup		archive-tar-minitar 0.5.1 basic_install.rb {README doc tests} \
OK ./ruby/rb-arrayfields/Portfile:ruby.setup		arrayfields 3.4.0 basic_install.rb {}
X ./ruby/rb-aspectr/Portfile:ruby.setup		aspectr 0.3.5 basic_install.rb {README aspects examples} \
OK ./ruby/rb-audiofile/Portfile:ruby.setup		{audiofile ruby-audiofile} 0.2.4 extconf.rb {README test.rb \
X ./ruby/rb-bdb/Portfile:ruby.setup		bdb 0.5.8 extconf.rb {README.en bdb.html bdb.rd docs examples}
X ./ruby/rb-bioruby/Portfile:ruby.setup		bioruby 0.6.2 install.rb {README doc sample test etc}
X ./ruby/rb-bitset/Portfile:ruby.setup		bitset 0.6.2 extconf.rb {sample}
X ./ruby/rb-bluecloth/Portfile:ruby.setup		BlueCloth 1.0.0fc3 basic_install.rb {README bin} rubyforge:1277
OK ./ruby/rb-builder/Portfile:ruby.setup			builder 2.1.1 gem {} rubyforge_gem
X ./ruby/rb-bz2/Portfile:ruby.setup		bz2 0.2.1 extconf.rb {README.en tests docs}
X* ./ruby/rb-cache/Portfile:ruby.setup		cache 0.1.0 install.rb {README.ja}
OK ./ruby/rb-calendar/Portfile:ruby.setup		calendar 1.11r install.rb {README.en}
OK ./ruby/rb-captcha/Portfile:ruby.setup			captcha 0.1.2 gem {} rubyforge_gem
X* ./ruby/rb-cgen/Portfile:ruby.setup		        cgen 0.12 install.rb {README examples test} 
OK ./ruby/rb-cgi_multipart_eof_fix/Portfile:ruby.setup			cgi_multipart_eof_fix 2.1 gem {} rubyforge_gem
X ./ruby/rb-cgikit/Portfile:ruby.setup		cgikit 1.2.0 install.rb {README docs examples misc}
X* ./ruby/rb-cocoa/Portfile:ruby.setup		{cocoa rubycocoa} 0.13.2 install.rb {ChangeLog ReadMe.html ReadMe.ja.html}
X* ./ruby/rb-criteria/Portfile:ruby.setup		criteria 1.1a install.rb {README.en t}
X* ./ruby/rb-crypt-isaac/Portfile:ruby.setup		crypt-isaac 0.9 copy_install:lib {README} rubyforge:1192
OK ./ruby/rb-csbattery/Portfile:ruby.setup		    csbattery 0.2.2 setup.rb {README} rubyforge:754
OK ./ruby/rb-cstemplate/Portfile:ruby.setup          cstemplate 0.5.1 setup.rb {README DOC.html} rubyforge:866
X* ./ruby/rb-cvs/Portfile:ruby.setup		{cvs ruby-cvs} 0.2 copy_install:lib {README}
X ./ruby/rb-daemons/Portfile:ruby.setup			daemons 1.0.5 gem {} rubyforge_gem
OK ./ruby/rb-dbd-mysql/Portfile:#ruby.setup		{dbd-mysql ruby-dbi-all} 0.0.23 setup.rb \
OK ./ruby/rb-dbd-pg/Portfile:#ruby.setup		{dbd-pg ruby-dbi-all} 0.0.23 setup.rb \
X* ./ruby/rb-dbdbd/Portfile:ruby.setup		dbdbd 0.2.2 basic_install.rb {README doc samples test}
X ./ruby/rb-dbi/Portfile:ruby.setup		{dbi ruby-dbi} 0.1.1 setup.rb \
Xfetch ./ruby/rb-devel-logger/Portfile:ruby.setup		        devel-logger 1.2.2 basic_install.rb {README sample test} 
X ./ruby/rb-devel-which/Portfile:ruby.setup          devel-which 0.2.0 basic_install.rb {doc}
X ./ruby/rb-drb/Portfile:ruby.setup		drb 2.0.4 basic_install.rb {ChangeLog doc sample}
Xfetch ./ruby/rb-entrycache/Portfile:ruby.setup		{entrycache entryCache} 1.1 install.rb {README doc test}
OK ./ruby/rb-enum/Portfile:ruby.setup		    enum 1.6 basic_install.rb {README} 
OK ./ruby/rb-fastthread/Portfile:ruby.setup			fastthread 1.0 gem {} rubyforge_gem:mongrel
OK ./ruby/rb-fcgi/Portfile:ruby.setup		{fcgi ruby-fcgi} 0.8.6 install.rb {README}
OK ./ruby/rb-flexo/Portfile:ruby.setup          flexo 1.0 setup.rb {README}
OK ./ruby/rb-flickr/Portfile:ruby.setup			flickr 1.0.0 gem {} rubyforge_gem

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comment:1 Changed 13 years ago by jmroot (Joshua Root)

Milestone: MacPorts base bugs

Picking an arbitrary couple of ports from the list, rb-acl and rb-bdb work for me.

comment:2 Changed 13 years ago by febeling@…

Resolution: invalid
Status: newclosed

I reset my installation and now I don't get this error any longer either. So I guess it was an intermittent problem or just confusion on my side. Sorry for the noise, I close it.

comment:3 Changed 13 years ago by jmroot (Joshua Root)

Possibly your trunk sources were not initially up to date, and you didn't have r36656.

comment:4 Changed 12 years ago by tobypeterson

Milestone: MacPorts base bugsMacPorts Future

Milestone MacPorts base bugs deleted

comment:5 Changed 11 years ago by jmroot (Joshua Root)

Milestone: MacPorts Future
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