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Xaw3d install problem on 10.2.8

Reported by: slaw@… Owned by: tobypeterson
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Component: ports Version: 1.0
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I was trying to install octave for a user on a 10.2.8 system. octave depends on Xaw3d. When I tried to install Xaw3d it came back with the following:

/opt/local/bin/port install Xaw3d Error: Target returned: bad option "link": must be atime, attributes, channels, copy, delete, dirname, executable, exists, extension, isdirectory, isfile, join, lstat, mtime, mkdir, nativename, owned, pathtype, readable, readlink, rename, rootname, size, split, stat, tail, type, volumes, or writable

The Portfile for Xaw3d is as the following:

[mac821:dports/x11/Xaw3d] root# more Portfile # $Id: Portfile,v 1.2 2004/01/14 21:57:11 toby Exp $

PortSystem 1.0 name Xaw3d version 1.5E categories x11 maintainers toby@… description The Three-D Athena Toolkit long_description \

This release of Xaw3d is based on X.Org's X11R6.3 Athena \ toolkit, with bits and pieces thrown in from other sources. \ It is intended to be a general-purpose replacement for the \ Athena (Xaw) toolkit. In general, you should be able to link \ almost any Athena-based application to this Xaw3d Athena \ toolkit, for a three-dimensional appearance on most of the \ widgets. On systems with shared libraries, you might be able \ replace your shared libXaw.* with libXaw3d.* to obtain the \ appearance without even relinking, but the odds of this \ working is slim, and not recommended.

homepage platforms darwin master_sites checksums md5 29ecfdcd6bcf47f62ecfd672d31269a1 worksrcdir xc/lib/${name} patch {

reinplace "s|XCOMM EXTRA_INCLUDES|EXTRA_INCLUDES|" "${worksrcpath}/Imakefile" file mkdir ${worksrcpath}/X11 file link -s ${worksrcpath}/X11/Xaw3d ${worksrcpath}

} use_xmkmf yes

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Tcl 8.3 apparently doesn't have file link. Damn Jaguar.... anyway, I'll fix this later tonight.

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