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RFE: let me specify -mcpu for all ports

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There are a couple of things I've wanted in a distribution system for a some time now: 1) An ability to set the -mcpu flags (or build args) for all portfiles via some type of general config. 2) Also, some kinda threading so that once a build is fetched it starts the normal install process while another port is fetched. This is would be sweet for those of us who aren't blessed with a good connection and great for those of us who don't like having other dl's periodically boggled down by port.

Sincerely, Joseph Ates

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Milestone: MacPorts 1.5

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Priority: BlockerNice to have
Summary: 2 build features that I'd love to seeRFE: let me specify -mcpu for all ports

One issue per ticket, please. Since there's already a ticket to pre-fetch portfiles in #2421, let's make this bug just about the ability to add -mcpu globally. Perhaps you could start by explaining what -mcpu is for and why anyone would want to specify it, because I don't know.

If you feel #2421 doesn't adequately address your second request (if you'd explicitly like to call out the threading request), either add to #2421 or make a new ticket, as you see fit.

Pipping, to which of the two requests was your MacPorts 1.5 milestone referring?

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Version: 1.0

-mcpu enables the compiler to fine tune its work to a specific CPU model or CPU architecture.

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Milestone: MacPorts 1.5MacPorts base enhancements

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You can add optimization flags already, e.g.

port -d configure libgnugetopt configure.cflags="-O3 -march=nocona -ftree-vectorize"

to overwrite the standard -O2 optimization. Of course this can screw up the resulting binaries in fantastic ways...
Most ports honor a subset of configure.cflags, configure.cxxflags, configure.objcflags, configure.fflags, configure.f90flags and configure.fcflags -- if applicable.
If someone wants to make those options accessible via the config files: Have a look at portconfigure.tcl; it should be fairly easy;

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configure.march and configure.mtune added in r33599...

comment:7 Changed 15 years ago by jmpp@…

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Anders, are those new settings hackable from Portfiles, macports.conf or both?


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Not yet.

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Cc Me!

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