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xorg-libX11: configure: error: Package requirements (xproto >= 7.0.17 xextproto xtrans xcb >= 1.1.92 kbproto inputproto) were not met

Reported by: astyh83@… Owned by: jeremyhu (Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia)
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Component: ports Version: 2.3.3
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Port: xorg-libX11


The following error came up when trying to install ghostscript through Macports:

sudo port install ghostscript
--->  Computing dependencies for ghostscript
--->  Dependencies to be installed: autoconf m4 perl5 perl5.16 gdbm automake fontconfig freetype libpng jbig2dec libidn libpaper libtool pkgconfig tiff xorg-libXext xorg-libX11 xorg-xextproto xorg-libXt xorg-libsm xorg-libice
--->  Fetching archive for m4
--->  Attempting to fetch m4-1.4.17_0.darwin_13.x86_64.tbz2 from
--->  Attempting to fetch m4-1.4.17_0.darwin_13.x86_64.tbz2.rmd160 from
--->  Installing m4 @1.4.17_0
--->  Activating m4 @1.4.17_0
--->  Cleaning m4
--->  Fetching archive for gdbm
--->  Attempting to fetch gdbm-1.11_1.darwin_13.x86_64.tbz2 from
--->  Attempting to fetch gdbm-1.11_1.darwin_13.x86_64.tbz2.rmd160 from
--->  Installing gdbm @1.11_1
--->  Activating gdbm @1.11_1
--->  Cleaning gdbm
--->  Fetching archive for perl5.16
--->  Attempting to fetch perl5.16-5.16.3_1.darwin_13.x86_64.tbz2 from
--->  Attempting to fetch perl5.16-5.16.3_1.darwin_13.x86_64.tbz2.rmd160 from
--->  Installing perl5.16 @5.16.3_1
--->  Activating perl5.16 @5.16.3_1
--->  Cleaning perl5.16
--->  Fetching archive for perl5
--->  Attempting to fetch perl5-5.12.4_0+perl5_16.darwin_13.noarch.tbz2 from
--->  Attempting to fetch perl5-5.12.4_0+perl5_16.darwin_13.noarch.tbz2.rmd160 from
--->  Installing perl5 @5.12.4_0+perl5_16
--->  Activating perl5 @5.12.4_0+perl5_16
--->  Cleaning perl5
--->  Fetching archive for autoconf
--->  Attempting to fetch autoconf-2.69_3.darwin_13.noarch.tbz2 from
--->  Attempting to fetch autoconf-2.69_3.darwin_13.noarch.tbz2.rmd160 from
--->  Installing autoconf @2.69_3
--->  Activating autoconf @2.69_3
--->  Cleaning autoconf
--->  Fetching archive for automake
--->  Attempting to fetch automake-1.15_0.darwin_13.noarch.tbz2 from
--->  Attempting to fetch automake-1.15_0.darwin_13.noarch.tbz2.rmd160 from
--->  Installing automake @1.15_0
--->  Activating automake @1.15_0
--->  Cleaning automake
--->  Fetching archive for libpng
--->  Attempting to fetch libpng-1.6.16_0.darwin_13.x86_64.tbz2 from
--->  Attempting to fetch libpng-1.6.16_0.darwin_13.x86_64.tbz2.rmd160 from
--->  Installing libpng @1.6.16_0
--->  Activating libpng @1.6.16_0
--->  Cleaning libpng
--->  Fetching archive for freetype
--->  Attempting to fetch freetype-2.5.5_0.darwin_13.x86_64.tbz2 from
--->  Attempting to fetch freetype-2.5.5_0.darwin_13.x86_64.tbz2.rmd160 from
--->  Installing freetype @2.5.5_0
--->  Activating freetype @2.5.5_0
--->  Cleaning freetype
--->  Fetching archive for fontconfig
--->  Attempting to fetch fontconfig-2.11.1_0.darwin_13.x86_64.tbz2 from
--->  Attempting to fetch fontconfig-2.11.1_0.darwin_13.x86_64.tbz2.rmd160 from
--->  Installing fontconfig @2.11.1_0
--->  Activating fontconfig @2.11.1_0
--->  Cleaning fontconfig
--->  Fetching archive for jbig2dec
--->  Attempting to fetch jbig2dec-0.11_1.darwin_13.x86_64.tbz2 from
--->  Attempting to fetch jbig2dec-0.11_1.darwin_13.x86_64.tbz2.rmd160 from
--->  Installing jbig2dec @0.11_1
--->  Activating jbig2dec @0.11_1
--->  Cleaning jbig2dec
--->  Fetching archive for libidn
--->  Attempting to fetch libidn-1.29_0.darwin_13.x86_64.tbz2 from
--->  Attempting to fetch libidn-1.29_0.darwin_13.x86_64.tbz2.rmd160 from
--->  Installing libidn @1.29_0
--->  Activating libidn @1.29_0
--->  Cleaning libidn
--->  Fetching archive for libpaper
--->  Attempting to fetch libpaper-1.1.24_0.darwin_13.x86_64.tbz2 from
--->  Attempting to fetch libpaper-1.1.24_0.darwin_13.x86_64.tbz2.rmd160 from
--->  Installing libpaper @1.1.24_0
--->  Activating libpaper @1.1.24_0
--->  Cleaning libpaper
--->  Fetching archive for libtool
--->  Attempting to fetch libtool-2.4.5_0.darwin_13.x86_64.tbz2 from
--->  Attempting to fetch libtool-2.4.5_0.darwin_13.x86_64.tbz2.rmd160 from
--->  Installing libtool @2.4.5_0
--->  Activating libtool @2.4.5_0
--->  Cleaning libtool
--->  Fetching archive for pkgconfig
--->  Attempting to fetch pkgconfig-0.28_0.darwin_13.x86_64.tbz2 from
--->  Attempting to fetch pkgconfig-0.28_0.darwin_13.x86_64.tbz2.rmd160 from
--->  Installing pkgconfig @0.28_0
--->  Activating pkgconfig @0.28_0
--->  Cleaning pkgconfig
--->  Fetching archive for tiff
--->  Attempting to fetch tiff-4.0.3_4.darwin_13.x86_64.tbz2 from
--->  Attempting to fetch tiff-4.0.3_4.darwin_13.x86_64.tbz2.rmd160 from
--->  Installing tiff @4.0.3_4
--->  Activating tiff @4.0.3_4
--->  Cleaning tiff
--->  Configuring xorg-libX11
Error: Failed to configure xorg-libX11, consult /opt/local/var/macports/build/_opt_local_var_macports_sources_rsync.macports.org_release_tarballs_ports_x11_xorg-libX11/xorg-libX11/work/libX11-1.6.2/config.log
Error: org.macports.configure for port xorg-libX11 returned: configure failure: command execution failed
Error: Failed to install xorg-libX11
Please see the log file for port xorg-libX11 for details:
Error: The following dependencies were not installed: xorg-libXext xorg-libX11 xorg-xextproto xorg-libXt xorg-libsm xorg-libice
To report a bug, follow the instructions in the guide:
Error: Processing of port ghostscript failed

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Summary: Processing of port ghostscript failedxorg-libX11: configure: error: Package requirements (xproto >= 7.0.17 xextproto xtrans xcb >= 1.1.92 kbproto inputproto) were not met

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Resolution: worksforme
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It looks like xorg-libX11's dependencies weren't installed. Is your ports tree corrupt? Please update and try again. If you still have issues, please ask for help on macports-users. This doesn't look like a bug.

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