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BUG: libgnomeprint-2.12.1

Reported by: g3zi7y.wu72nfp@… Owned by: gnome-darwinports@…
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Component: ports Version: 1.0
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the error log can be found here: ATTACHED

I want to install inkscape, but libgnomeprint fails to build.

Here are some additional infos about my operating system, the port version, and the installed ports;

also port infos of inkscape, libgnomeprint, libgnomecups, and cups-headers.

My-Computer:~ wu$ uname -a Darwin My-Computer.local 7.9.0 Darwin Kernel Version 7.9.0: Wed Mar 30 20:11:17 PST 2005; root: xnu/xnu-517.12.7.obj~1/RELEASE_PPC Power Macintosh powerpc

My-Computer:~ wu$ port version Version: 1.102

My-Computer:~ wu$ port installed The following ports are currently installed:

aalib 1.4rc5_2 (active) AppKiDo 0.91_0 (active) aquaterm 1.0.b2_1 (active) atk 1.10.3_0 (active) audiofile 0.2.6_0 (active) autoconf 2.59_0 (active) automake 1.9.6_0 (active) bash 3.0.016_0 (active) bison 2.1_0 (active) boehmgc 6.6_0 (active) bzip2 1.0.3_0 (active) cairo 1.0.2_0 (active) cdrtools 2.01_1 (active) Chmox 0.3_0 (active) emacs-devel (active) esound 0.2.35_1 (active) expat 1.95.8_1 (active) fontconfig 2.3.2_0 (active) fontforge 20041218_0 fontforge 20050502_0 (active) freetype 2.1.9_1 (active) gcc34 3.4.4_0 (active) gcc40 4.0.2_0+darwin_7 (active) gconf 2.12.0_0+darwin_7 (active) gd2 2.0.33_2 (active) gettext 0.14.5_0 (active) ghostscript 8.51_0 (active) gimp-print 4.2.7_0 (active) gimp2 2.2.8_0+darwin_powerpc (active) glib1 1.2.10_4 (active) glib2 2.8.3_0 (active) glibmm 2.6.1_0 (active) gmp 4.1.4_2+test (active) gnome-icon-theme 2.12.0_0 (active) gnome-mime-data 2.4.2_0 (active) gnughostscript 7.07_0 gnuplot 4.0.0_1 (active) gplghostscript 8.15_1 grep 2.5.1_0 (active) gtk1 1.2.10_6 (active) gtk2 2.8.4_0 (active) gtkmm 2.6.3_0 (active) hicolor-icon-theme 0.5_0 (active) ImageMagick 6.2.4-3_2 (active) intltool 0.34.1_0 (active) jpeg 6b_0 jpeg 6b_1 (active) lame 3.96.1_0 (active) lcms 1.14_0 (active) libart_lgpl 2.3.17_0 (active) libbonobo 2.10.1_0 (active) libexif 0.6.12_0 (active) libglade2 2.5.1_1 (active) libgnomecanvas 2.12.0_0 (active) libiconv 1.10_1+darwin_7 (active) libidl 0.8.6_0 (active) libmikmod 3.1.11a_0 (active) libmng 1.0.8_0 (active) libogg 1.1.2_0 (active) libpixman 0.1.5_0 (active) libpng 1.2.8_1 libpng 1.2.8_2 (active) libsdl 1.2.8_3 (active) libsdl_mixer 1.2.6_3 (active) libsigc++2 2.0.16_0 (active) libtool 1.5.20_0 libtool-devel 1.9f_0 (active) libungif 4.1.3_0 (active) libvorbis 1.1.0_0 (active) libwmf (active) libxml2 2.6.22_0 (active) libxslt 1.1.15_0 (active) mpfr 2.2.0_2 (active) netcdf 3.6.0-p1_0 (active) odcctools 20050308_1 (active) orbit2 2.12.4_0+darwin_7 (active) osx2x 2.2.0_0 (active) p5-xml-parser 2.34_3 (active) pango 1.10.1_0 (active) pdflib 6.0.2_0 (active) perl5.8 5.8.7_0 (active) pkgconfig 0.19_0 pkgconfig 0.20_0 (active) plotutils 2.4.1_2 (active) popt 1.7_4 (active) pstoedit 3.40_0 (active) py-f2py 2.43.239_1831_0 (active) py-gnuplot 1.7_0 (active) py-numarray 1.4.1_0 (active) py-numeric 24.1_0+macosx py-numeric 24.2_0+macosx (active) py-pil 1.1.5_1 (active) py-py2app 0.2_0 (active) py-pyobjc 1.3.7_0 (active) py-scientific 2.4.9_0 (active) py-tkinter 2.4.1_0 (active) py-umlgraph 0.1.10_1 (active) py-wxpython (active) python24 2.4.1_6 (active) readline 5.0.005_0 (active) render 0.9_0 (active) rtf2latex2e 1.0fc1_0 (active) sgrep2 1.92a_0 (active) smpeg 0.4.4_6 (active) swig 1.3.27_0 (active) tcl 8.4.11_2 (active) TeXShop 2.03_1 (active) tiff 3.7.1_0 tiff 3.7.4_0 (active) tk 8.4.11_3 (active) wxWidgets 2.6.2_0 (active) wxWindows 2.4.2_1+mac XFree86 4.5.0_2 (active) Xft2 2.1.7_0 (active) xrender 0.9.0_0 (active) zlib 1.2.2_1 zlib 1.2.3_0 (active)

My-Computer:~ wu$ port outdated The following installed ports seem to be outdated:

My-Computer:~ wu$ port info inkscape inkscape 0.42, gnome/inkscape

Inkscape is an open source SVG editor with capabilities similar to Illustrator, CorelDraw, Visio, etc. Supported SVG features include basic shapes, paths, text, alpha blending, transforms, gradients, node editing, svg-to-png export, grouping, and more.

Library Dependencies: libgnomeprintui, libsigc\+\+2, boehmgc, gtkmm Platforms: darwin Maintainers: gnome-darwinports@…

My-Computer:~ wu$ port info libgnomeprint libgnomeprint 2.12.1, gnome/libgnomeprint

This is an implementation of the Gnome Printing Architecture

Library Dependencies: p5-xml-parser, perl5.8, expat, freetype, fontconfig, libxml2, zlib, popt, gettext, libiconv, glib2, pango, libart_lgpl, libgnomecups Platforms: darwin Maintainers: gnome-darwinports@… rhwood@…

My-Computer:~ wu$ port info libgnomecups libgnomecups 0.2.2, gnome/libgnomecups

This is an implementation of the Gnome Printing Architecture

Library Dependencies: glib2, cups-headers Platforms: darwin Maintainers: gnome-darwinports@… rhwood@…

My-Computer:~ wu$ port info cups-headers cups-headers 1.1.15, devel/cups-headers Platforms: darwin Maintainers: darwinports@…

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proposed patch of Portfile

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terminal output of port install

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proposed patch of Portfile

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the proposed patch of the Portfile resolves the bug on my computer

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Patches have been committed.


g3zi7y.wu72nfp@…: Please close the bug report.

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