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augeas @ 1.11.0 installation fails Snow Leopard

Reported by: jkorchok Owned by: kencu (Ken)
Priority: Normal Milestone:
Component: ports Version: 2.5.4
Keywords: snowleopard Cc:
Port: augeas


XCode 3.2.6 as recommended in the MacPorts FAQ. While installing Certbot, the Augeas dependency failed while building examples:

--->  Building augeas
Error: Failed to build augeas: command execution failed
Error: See /opt/local/var/macports/logs/_opt_local_var_macports_sources_rsync.macports.org_release_tarballs_ports_sysutils_augeas/augeas/main.log for details.
Error: Follow to report a bug.
Error: Processing of port augeas failed

The end of the log file reads:

:info:build Making all in examples
:info:build make[2]: Entering directory `/opt/local/var/macports/build/_opt_local_var_macports_sources_rsync.macports.org_release_tarballs_ports_sysutils_augeas/augeas/work/augeas-1.11.0/examples'
:info:build /usr/bin/gcc-4.2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I..   -I/opt/local/include -std=gnu99  -Wall -Wformat -Wformat-security -Wmissing-prototypes -Wnested-externs -Wpointer-arith -Wextra -Wshadow -Wcast-align -Wwrite-strings -Waggregate-return -Wstrict-prototypes -Winline -Wredundant-decls -Wno-sign-compare -fexceptions -fasynchronous-unwind-tables  -I/opt/local/include/libxml2 -I ../gnulib/lib -I ../src -pipe -Os -arch i386 -MT fadot.o -MD -MP -MF .deps/fadot.Tpo -c -o fadot.o fadot.c
:info:build mv -f .deps/fadot.Tpo .deps/fadot.Po
:info:build /bin/sh ../libtool  --tag=CC   --mode=link /usr/bin/gcc-4.2 -std=gnu99  -Wall -Wformat -Wformat-security -Wmissing-prototypes -Wnested-externs -Wpointer-arith -Wextra -Wshadow -Wcast-align -Wwrite-strings -Waggregate-return -Wstrict-prototypes -Winline -Wredundant-decls -Wno-sign-compare -fexceptions -fasynchronous-unwind-tables  -I/opt/local/include/libxml2 -I ../gnulib/lib -I ../src -pipe -Os -arch i386  -L/opt/local/lib -Wl,-headerpad_max_install_names -arch i386 -o fadot fadot.o ../src/ ../gnulib/lib/ 
:info:build libtool: link: /usr/bin/gcc-4.2 -std=gnu99 -Wall -Wformat -Wformat-security -Wmissing-prototypes -Wnested-externs -Wpointer-arith -Wextra -Wshadow -Wcast-align -Wwrite-strings -Waggregate-return -Wstrict-prototypes -Winline -Wredundant-decls -Wno-sign-compare -fexceptions -fasynchronous-unwind-tables -I/opt/local/include/libxml2 -I ../gnulib/lib -I ../src -pipe -Os -arch i386 -Wl,-headerpad_max_install_names -arch i386 -o .libs/fadot fadot.o  -L/opt/local/lib ../src/.libs/libfa.dylib ../gnulib/lib/.libs/libgnu.a
:info:build Undefined symbols:
:info:build   "_rpl_getopt$UNIX2003", referenced from:
:info:build       _main in fadot.o
:info:build ld: symbol(s) not found
:info:build collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
:info:build make[2]: *** [fadot] Error 1
:info:build make[2]: Leaving directory `/opt/local/var/macports/build/_opt_local_var_macports_sources_rsync.macports.org_release_tarballs_ports_sysutils_augeas/augeas/work/augeas-1.11.0/examples'
:info:build make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
:info:build make[1]: Leaving directory `/opt/local/var/macports/build/_opt_local_var_macports_sources_rsync.macports.org_release_tarballs_ports_sysutils_augeas/augeas/work/augeas-1.11.0'
:info:build make: *** [all] Error 2
:info:build make: Leaving directory `/opt/local/var/macports/build/_opt_local_var_macports_sources_rsync.macports.org_release_tarballs_ports_sysutils_augeas/augeas/work/augeas-1.11.0'
:info:build Command failed:  cd "/opt/local/var/macports/build/_opt_local_var_macports_sources_rsync.macports.org_release_tarballs_ports_sysutils_augeas/augeas/work/augeas-1.11.0" && /usr/bin/make -w all 
:info:build Exit code: 2
:error:build Failed to build augeas: command execution failed
:debug:build Error code: CHILDSTATUS 12275 2
:debug:build Backtrace: command execution failed
:debug:build     while executing
:debug:build "system {*}$notty {*}$nice $fullcmdstring"
:debug:build     invoked from within
:debug:build "command_exec build"
:debug:build     (procedure "portbuild::build_main" line 8)
:debug:build     invoked from within
:debug:build "$procedure $targetname"
:error:build See /opt/local/var/macports/logs/_opt_local_var_macports_sources_rsync.macports.org_release_tarballs_ports_sysutils_augeas/augeas/main.log for details.

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comment:1 Changed 3 months ago by mf2k (Frank Schima)

Port: augeas added; Augeas removed

comment:2 Changed 3 months ago by ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt)

Hmm, it built fine on our Snow Leopard buildbot worker and also on my Snow Leopard machine. Can you attach your main.log file so that we can see what's different on your system?

Changed 3 months ago by jkorchok

Attachment: augeus added

Augeus Main Log filer

comment:3 Changed 3 months ago by ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt)

Ah, you're building for 32-bit. I see that we haven't been able to build augeas 1.10.0 or later for 32-bit either (though earlier versions did). I haven't investigated further. It's probably an upstream bug.

comment:4 Changed 3 months ago by jkorchok

Would forcing augeas to install get around this? It just appears to be failing while building examples, which I don't need.

If I install 64-bit, do all ports have to be 64-bit? Can I run 64-bit ports on a 32-bit OS?

comment:5 Changed 3 months ago by kencu (Ken)

It looks like it's an i386 specific thing <>.

One option that appears to work is to not build the examples ( :> )

in, change

SUBDIRS += tests man doc examples


SUBDIRS += tests man doc

and have the port use_autoreconf yes

That builds it +universal for me.

Whether that's an acceptable option for the Portfile remains to be seen.

For the original poster, if you want to do this:

you would

bbedit `port file augeas`

and add the following line right above the post-destroot block:

use_autoreconf          yes


sudo port -v extract augeas
cd `port work augeas`
cd a*

delete the "examples" word in the SUBDIRS line as above, save the file.

and then

cd /
sudo port -v install augeas

and if it works like mine did, it's going to install.

We can ask Ryan if he accepts this into the Portfile, and if so, it's a one-second patch and one line to the Portfile (but then everyone has to autoreconf and nobody builds examples, not that I suspect anyone would care).

comment:6 Changed 3 months ago by kencu (Ken)

Owner: set to kencu
Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

In 2804a45ef685f9e03f776bb9dff51b88aaf40da9/macports-ports (master):

augeas: doesn't build examples as i386

closes: #57897

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