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buildbot/mpbb can upload a nondistributable archive to the public server

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Today I merged a PR which removed +openldap as a default variant of gnupg2 thus making it distributable.

The buildbot worker machines already had the port installed with the +openldap variant. This commit caused them to install it again without that variant. Because the version and revision did not change (there was no reason why the revision should have changed), buildbot kept both of these installed.

It then uploaded all installed archives for gnupg2 -- both with and without +openldap variant -- to the public server, since the port is distributable. It is not smart enough to realize that not all variants of the port necessarily have the same distributability.

I manually removed the archives for gnupg2 +openldap from the packages server but they'll keep getting reuploaded until I also uninstall them from each worker machine.

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