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cairo, cairo-devel: Update to 1.17.6

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In GIMP, we have had a bug which has plagued our text tool for years, and which was finally fixed in Cairo 1.17.6:

Someone recently reported that the problem still exists in our macOS build, and I can see that MacPorts still packages 1.17.4, which explains it.

I know that the website of Cairo still indicates 1.17.4 in the frontpage, but apparently it's just an organization issue as I asked if 1.17.6 is really to be considered released and I was told "yes":

In absence of a tarball on their download server, projects usually pulls it from Gitlab:

Alternatively, you can just backport the patch:

If any of these things could happen, it would really be awesome. Thanks! :-)

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Summary: Update Cairo to latest (1.17.6)cairo, cairo-devel: Update to 1.17.6

Thanks for reporting this. I'll get the ports updated to 1.17.6.

The latest stable version of cairo is 1.16.0. The cairo port is intended to follow stable releases but it was erroneously updated to the development snapshot 1.17.4. Due to the slow pace of cairo releases and the general stability of the cairo software we decided not to revert that update. I think there are also some ports (gtk3?) that now rely on new features in 1.17.x so reverting the update would have broken that.

The cairo-devel port is intended to follow development snapshots and is also at version 1.17.4 which as you note is the latest one for which a tarball was published by the cairo project. That fact is the reason why the MacPorts "livecheck" mechanism did not notify us of the existence of 1.17.6.

It sounds like the missing tarball problem will be addressed by releasing a new 1.17.8 snapshot soon however this will remove the autotools build system upon which the MacPorts ports currently rely. This probably means that I will not do the update to 1.17.8 or later because of the complexity of switching build systems and will leave this to Chris or someone else.

Since we're already inadvertently on a development snapshot in the cairo port I have no objection to updating it to newer snapshots until such a time as a newer stable version is released and we can return to following only stable versions.

comment:2 Changed 7 weeks ago by Jehan

For the record, Cairo just released 1.17.8 (cf. the Freedesktop report I linked earlier).

Though we don't mind if you first update to 1.17.6 because of the build system change. As long as we have the patch to our problem, it will already be a huge improvement for us! Also I hope to release a stable GIMP version in 10 days. Do you think there is a chance the update can happen before then? This would be awesome if it could.

Thanks for all!

comment:3 Changed 7 weeks ago by ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt)

It looks like they have also now added the 1.17.6 distfile so I will update the ports using that.

comment:4 Changed 7 weeks ago by ryandesign (Ryan Schmidt)

In b014cd587951f331a52e0243ad5882991fd67487/macports-ports (master):

cairo-devel: Update to 1.17.6

See: #66785

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In 59f1ebaa84521c04c79e9c684662f4d3f8b426f3/macports-ports (master):

cairo-devel: Use legacysupport for memmem

See: #66785

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In 8f62c55d9cecb24ee72fe44e5604edf07b61371e/macports-ports (master):

cairo: Update to 1.17.6

Closes: #66785

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