Git Source Control System

MacPorts uses Git as its version control system. Git documentation is also available on the web. The Git command line client is shipped with Xcode 4.1 and later, and is also available through MacPorts. Git GUI clients are built in to Xcode and BBEdit.

Browsing the MacPorts Sources Online

You may browse the MacPorts Git sources online on GitHub.

Checking out MacPorts sources using Git

To checkout the sources with Git:

# Checkout the macports base master branch
git clone macports-base

This will check out the base repository; there are several other repositories including macports-ports for the ports tree. Check out any of these that you wish to use as above, simple replacing macports-base with the name of the repository you want.

When pushing commits to the repository on GitHub, git will prompt for a username and password. You need to use your GitHub handle, not your MacPorts one. You can set up password caching to avoid being asked every time.

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