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Subversion Source Control System

MacPorts uses Subversion as its version control system. Subversion documentation is available through the online Subversion Book. The Subversion command line client svn is shipped with Apple's Mac OS X Leopard, and available through MacPorts on earlier Mac OS X versions. Subversion GUI clients are built in to Xcode and BBEdit.

Browsing the MacPorts Sources Online

You may browse the MacPorts Subversion sources online in one of three ways:

  1. Via the Trac source code browser
  2. Directly through Subversion via its underlying http support.
  3. You may also directly access the Subversion respository through a WebDav client such as the Mac OS X Finder. (Select Connect to Server… and paste in the URL

Checking out MacPorts sources using Subversion

To checkout the sources with Subversion:

# Checkout the macports trunk
svn checkout macports-trunk

When committing to the repository for the first time, subversion will use your local account name as the username for This is almost certainly the wrong username, so you can either hit enter when it says "password for 'local-user-name':" and then enter the correct when it prompts for username, or you can pass --username to svn like the following example:

svn ci . -m 'log message' --username

After the first commit with the correct username and password, subversion will cache this information (in ~/.subversion/).

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