The MacPorts Framework is a Cocoa Framework built around the MacPorts Tcl-based API. The goal of the Framework is to provide a responsive and fully-featured API to MacPorts for Cocoa developers with an emphasis on responsiveness for GUI developers.

Source Code

The source code for the Framework currently resides in macports/pallet:MacPorts_Framework and can be checked out in git.


The Framework can be installed by installing the port MacPorts_Framework. Please note that since the Framework is still in development, developers might sometimes change it without also updating the version. You may want to uninstall, clean, and reinstall the port on a regular basis if you are experimenting with it.


  1. Add this Framework to your project in XCode the same way you would add any other Framework.
  2. Add #import <MacPorts/MacPorts.h> to your header files
  3. Plug away!


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