Pallet is currently broken. Do not attempt to install it at this time. This obsolete page is a reference placeholder in case someone decides to fix it.

Pallet is the official MacPorts GUI app for Mac OS X and was started as a GSoC project in May 2009.

It is in active development and continuous improvement (this is a beta product). Currently you can use it to install, upgrade and uninstall ports.

If you find an issue, please create a new ticket to help me improve it.


  • Mac OS X 10.5 or newer
  • MacPorts 1.8 or newer


  • sudo port install Pallet



  • Custom MacPorts location (supports both privileged and unprivileged installations)
  • Install, Uninstall and Upgrade actions for ports
  • Sync and Selfupdate actions
  • Supports cancelling of operations
  • Search by name, description, state and variant
  • Progress indicator
  • View information of ports


  • Pallet Application Icon
  • Improve start-up time
  • Improvement of action icons
  • Search by category
  • Variants selection
  • Preferences
  • Queueing of operations
  • Alerts when an error has ocurred
  • Growl support
  • Logging Support (using the work of the other GSoC student)
  • Error alerts


  • If you have a lot of ports installed it lasts a lot loading the ports list (because of registry1.0).
  • If you change from a privileged installation to an unprivileged installation (after running a task in that privileged installation) you can leave zombie processes. (This will be fixed by looking for the daemon process when closing the application no matter which mode it is in)
  • Sometimes the progress bar doesn't animate

GSoC 2010

For more info on the improvements on Pallet during Google Summer of Code 2010, visit MacPortsGUI GSoC 2010 Improvement.

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