Summer Of Code Application Template

Personal Details

  • Name:
  • Email:
  • IRC/IM:
  • Github:
  • University/Enrollment:
  • Location/Timezone:
  • Short Bio:

Project Idea

  • Goal(s)
  • Abstract (Don't just copy and paste, use your own words!)

Technical Details

  • Methodology (Broken into steps/phases/short-goals)
  • Schedule (approximately weekly outline)

Stretch Goals/Plans after GSoC

  • (optional)

Additional Questions

  1. What are your experiences with macOS so far? (How long do you use it, did you switch from Windows/Linux, etc.)
  1. How long have you been using MacPorts?
  1. Do you have experience with other package management systems?
  1. How much experience do you have with Tcl and C?
  1. Will you be available after the project ends? (optional)
  1. Link to any Past Open Source contributions (optional)


  • Do you plan to go on vacations, have exams, internship or be otherwise absent during the GSOC? If so, when?
  • To which other organisations did you send a GSOC proposal? (In case another organisation wants to accept you, you may want to express your preference in application to your favourite org, as we are not allowed to ask you about it during evaluation period.)
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