To: students
Cc: mentors, portmgr, (admin?)
Subject: Welcome to GSoC $YEAR for MacPorts!


You have been accepted into Google Summer of Code $YEAR and will work for
MacPorts over the summer. Congratulations, we are happy to have you!

First of all let me welcome you to our organization. I am looking
forward to a good summer with interesting projects to be implemented
which will push the MacPorts project further.

Please read our guidelines we put together here:
Please keep them in mind during the program as they are meant to avoid
any problems with your project, your progress or anything else. If you
have additions to it, further questions or comments, just talk to us.

We are now in the so called community bonding period. This means, we can
get to know each other better and refine some parts of your proposals
until the actual coding starts. For this I would like you to get in
contact with your mentor. Please discuss how often you want to meet
(once/twice a week for example) and which communication method works
best for you (Mail, IRC, IM, Skype, ...). You might have submitted an
initial roadmap as part of your proposal, but we need to stick to some
milestones and therefore it should match the program timeline if not
already the case.

Most important dates are:

 * $FIRSTEVAL: First evaluation
 * $SECONDEVAL: Second evaluation
   It would be good to have something to present here. Not only to us
   the mentors, but also to other developers and maintainers

 * $PENCILSDOWN: Pencils down
   After this timeline you should spend the last week only for hot
   bugfixes and use the time to document your code where not done yet
   and merge your branch back into MacPorts master (where applicable)

Coding is supposed to start on $KICKOFF, prepare your task in a way which
allows you to start right away at this date. Of course you can also
start earlier once you discussed everything with your mentor, we don't
want to hold you back. :-)

As Google Summer of Code student you will get access to our GitHub
repos. To create your account, you need to choose a handle (which will
become your address) and a mail address we should forward
incoming mails to. Once you have chosen the handle and your forward was
created, we will send an invite to our GitHub organization to this

How experienced are you with using version control and Git in
particular? If need be, we can arrange a short introduction on IRC or at
least give you some hints.

As a general rule, we as mentors are here to assist you with your
project, so please just ask if you need assistance with anything.
To: macports-dev
Cc: students, mentors
Subject: GSoC: Announcing accepted students and projects $YEAR


For Google Summer of Code $YEAR our, MacPorts was assigned three slots.
We filled them based on the quality of the proposals and on the limited mentor capacities we have.

Unfortunately, we get fewer proposals each year, but at least
the overall quality remains constant. Much more activity has been
triggered on macports-dev than the years before.

This summer, MacPorts will mentor the following students and projects:

   Student:  $STUDENT
   Mentor:   $MENTOR ($HANDLE)

$STUDENT, $STUDENT, $STUDENT, welcome to our community!

Although you have already introduced yourself on the mailing list with
your proposals, it would probably be a good idea if you could
reply with a few words about your upcoming projects.

Looking forward to a Summer of Code,
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