Choosing good keywords for tickets

Trac can search the full text of tickets, so adding a keyword that already occurs in another field doesn't help for general searching. If we standardise the use of certain keywords, however, it could make finding certain specific types of ticket much easier. This, then, is a suggested list of keywords that we might like to standardise.

Tickets only applicable to the indicated OS release(s):

Tickets only applicable when using the indicated build_arch:

  • ppc
  • ppc64
  • i386
  • x86_64
  • arm64
  • LP64
    The ticket describes a problem caused by the size of variables of type int, long or pointers on a 64-bit arch.

Tickets only applicable with patches:

  • haspatch
    The ticket has a patchfile attached that may be ready to apply. It can also mean that a GitHub pull request exists.
  • haspatch maintainer
    The ticket has a patchfile attached that was approved or supplied by the port maintainer that may be ready to apply.

Tickets that depend on others:

  • upstream
    The problem report was escalated to upstream and is waiting for response or the next release.

Tickets fixing security vulnerabilities:

The ticket is only applicable when building the +universal variant of a port:

The ticket is only applicable when running port in trace mode (-t):

Tickets for base that have been fixed but still need to be backported to a release branch:

  • needs-backport
    This keyword should be removed when backporting to the current release branch. The milestone field should be set to a milestone for the release branch when backporting.
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