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Koha - Integrated Library System

  • Audience: everybody
  • Requires: MacPorts >=1.7

Note that these instructions are very broken, most of the port commands are missing the "Install" action and the setup of the underlying MAMP stack is very broken.


Koha 3 comes with a new installer, based on MakeMaker, the tool that is usually used to install CPAN modules. This means that if you know how to customise CPAN-installed modules, the same things should work for you with Koha. If not, don't worry. If you want to customise the installation more than described below, run "man ExtUtils::MakeMaker".

Step 1: A webserver: setting a MAMP

Before installing Koha, you need to have a server running Perl 5.8. Simply open Terminal and type:

$ sudo port perl5.8

and then MySQL 5 [or PostgreSQL 8.2.5] a webserver (preferably Apache2). So you need a MAMP (without PHP and phpmyadmin, if you don't need them for database configuration). Look at this wiki howto/MAMP.

Step 2: Zebra and pazpar2

You need also some indexdata software. First of all: Zebra 2.0.22 or greater.

$ sudo port zebra

For more features you need also pazpar2 1.0.9 or greater. Install the port:

$ sudo port pazpar2

Step 3: A database

MySQL 5: Create a database called 'koha,' owned by 'kohaadmin' user, with a password set. Note: kohaadmin must have at least the following privileges: SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE, DROP, ALTER, and LOCK TABLES.

For this purpose, it is useful to install phpmyadmin, whose configuration is described before in wiki howto/MAMP:

$ sudo port phpmyadmin

PostgreSQL 8.2.5: Create a database called 'koha,' owned by 'kohaadmin' user, with a password set. Note: kohaadmin must be a superuser. You must also add plpgsql to the koha database. NOTE: PostgreSQL support in Koha is experimental and should not be attempted for production systems without a heavy investment in testing.


Step 1: TODO: Step 1 title




Optional Parts

TODO: What else can be done?

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