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Problems of KDE software on MacPorts

Why these pages?

When software is ported from one hardware or operating-system environment to another, problems arise that are nobody's fault. The original software writers can try their best to avoid such problems, but they cannot be expected to foresee every issue. These pages are a place where issues of KDE software on MacPorts can be gathered together for easy visibility and people from KDE and MacPorts can co-operate to narrow each issue down to a point where it can be assigned to a specific area on the KDE Bugtracking System or the MacPorts Ticket System for action. Also, co-operation is needed to set up a continuous testing system, in the longer term, to minimize problems in the future.

These pages were initiated by this post on KDE-MAC and a PM discussion regarding Randa Meetings participation of MacPorts developers.

Special maintainer/developer information - which is not covered in the KDE wiki page - could also be gathered here.

Tickets for specific KDE software issues

Information regarding specific tickets has been moved to a dedicated page.

All other tickets of category "kde4" can be listed in one big table. (Be aware that the generation of this table needs a few seconds on MacPorts' trac.)

New version of KDE applications

We're working on keeping the KDE applications distributed via MacPorts in sync with KDE's official release schedule. However, on MacPorts the current version of KDE libraries and applications is usually a little behind, as only one of us (nicos) is maintaining all these ports.

If you want to support us, please find our up-to-date list of problems for some KDE software ports kept in dports/kde/TODO.txt and report any issues found on KDE-MAC or MacPorts-Devel mailing lists or KDE's bug tracker.

Continuous Integration of KDE software

KDE's developers are running a Jenkins-based CI system for the most of the KDE software. While this is already fully functioning for Linux a similar Windows-CI system is in a similar state to the idea of a CI system for KDE application on Mac(ports).

There is also a set of code-vetting software called English Breakfast Network (EBN, for short) which supports all developers in writing cleaner code and documentation.

The KDE community has plans to introduce CI of KDE software also on OSX. Further details can be found on a dedicated KDE/MacPorts CI page.

If you're interested, you can check the current status of an OSX/CI system based on MacPorts.

Qt5 and KF5

The new Qt5 eventually lead to the new KDE Frameworks. As tracked in #37331 is was possible to create a portfile for qt5-mac. This means that we can soon start adding those frameworks as new ports. Please support us, if you're enthusiastic about KF5 on MacPorts!

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