Tickets for specific KDE software issues

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Tickets for KDE software show stopper

kdelibs' XML translator meinproc4 crashes

One of the biggest show stoppers is the spuriously occurring meinproc4 crash. There are ongoing discussions about it on KDE-DEVEL and - even more up to date - on KDE-MAC. That is why KDE software documentation gets scarcely built these on MacPorts, but one can alternatively access everything online on KDE's documentation site.

261509 meinproc4: crash with segfault on Mac OS X

#29503, #30162, #37620, #41326, #41575, #41576 - some MacPorts tickets related to meinproc4

Note: It looks like that at the moment meinproc4 isn't crashing as much as is used to. So far it was not possible to reproduce its crashes on various OSX versions.

Major layout issues on OSX

Note: The following and possibly other rendering issues are solely due to MacPorts/KDE's default style "Macintosh (aqua)' and can be avoided by switching to another style. The standard KDE styles (like Oxygen, etc.) still show a rendering glitch in pulldown menus, but installing and switching to QtCurve solves this issue as well. The port kde4-workspace allows to set the style more conveniently, see also the relevant Macports/KDE wiki section "Install kde4-workspace and qtcurve".

334171 Konversation's title bar renders a horizontal line which might strike through the title's text

296810 KMultiTabBar: Does not correctly handle Mac font sizes
296845 Font rendering broken in OS X
339670 KCalc's GUI layout glitch

Bug report wizard failing

In the past DrKonqi bug reporting was severely broken on OSX. Ian submitted a major overhaul of DrKonqi!

Tickets for build system of KDE software (cmake)

RSS (11) all cmake (#38806, #40228, #44232, #44237, #48288, #48652, #53201, #53615, #58578, #58677, #59780)

Tickets for Qt4/KDE core-libraries version 4

RSS (21) all qt4-mac (#36410, #36431, #38838, #39803, #43431, #43499, #44998, #44999, #46606, #46607, #47466, #49303, #49344, #49629, #49793, #50269, #51135, #52862, #53369, #57473, #58653)

RSS (12) all kdelibs4 (#33187, #33387, #36749, #37087, #44398, #44882, #49296, #49595, #53733, #56426, #57554, #57602)

RSS (1) all kdepimlibs4 (#41177)

Tickets for Qt5

RSS (1) all qt5-mac (#49793)

Qt4 issues at Qt's bug tracker

19873 problems being able to start a debug version of a KDE application (here KMyMoney)
32943 warning about nested modal dialog sessions on OS X 10.9 Mavericks (see also 37699 and related review 81681)

Qt4 issues at Qt's forum

23925 iconutil missing on Mac OS X 10.6.8

Tickets at KDE's bug tracker

KDE4 Issues

333337 Kate, Kwrite and KDevelop show an unexpected About menu item in OSX' main "Help" drop-down menu.
334174 When starting Konversation kglobalaccel shows up in the OSX dock as an icon

KF5 Issues

337140 kate: KF5 version crashes at startup

Selected tickets for some KDE applications

#41431 - 3 crashing plugins have been intentionally removed in kdenlive 0.9.6 (bug reports at b.k.o. STILL TO BE DONE !!! )
#27931 - there are discussions on KDE-DEVEL and MACPORTS-USERS concerning application icons not shown in OSX finder and dock
kdevelop - ongoing discussion thread on KDEVELOP regarding a crashing application built by KDevelop

Tickets marked with tag "KDE" (listing also new requests)

RSS (5) all KDE software-related tickets (#26587, #27931, #43569, #43711, #44247)

Collections of KDE software tickets

All tickets in category "kde4" in one big table. Be aware that the generation of this table needs a few seconds on MacPorts' trac.

Nicolas' collection of KDE software related tickets

A list of closed tickets which were previously listed on these "KDE software problems" wiki pages

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