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qtiplot: Issue about size of buttons



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Djvulibre, Djview, Pdf2djvu, Djvu2pdf

Reducing the dependencies of ImageMagick (djvulibre)
djview fails for ppc+ppc64: fatal error: lipo: can't open input file: /opt/local/var/macports/build/_opt_local_var_macports_sources_rsync.macports.org_macports_release_tarballs_ports_aqua_djview/djview/work/.tmp/ccqJPUZL.out (No such file or directory)
djview color mismatch on Ventura M1 Pro
djvulibre: build fails for 'divuextract', due to numerous undefined symbols; possible xcode 15 issue



add variants openblas, superlu, and tbb to armadillo
gmt5: seems to link opportunistically to OpenBLAS
OpenBLAS compilation fails on MacBook Pro MacOS 10.14
scalapack @2.02+gcc9+openmpi+openblas: error: expected expression before '_Static_assert'
py39-numpy @1.20.3_0+gcc11+openblas fails to build on aarch64
openblas @0.3.18_0+gcc11+lapack [+native] : (Intel) does not build because MAX_CPU_NUMBER is undefined
OpenBLAS @0.3.18_0+gcc7+lapack+native: Builds ppc7400 on a G3
OpenBLAS @0.3.20_0+gcc11+lapack+native build failure on intel mac 11.6.5: gcc is putting out x86-pad-for-align=false but assembler is not accepting it
py-numpy should default to Accelerate rather than OpenBlas on macOS 11.3+
OpenBLAS @0.3.25 does not build universal arm64/x86_64
petsc @3.15.0+gcc12+fftw+hdf5+openblas+netcdf+openmpi Error on configure due to zlib
scalapack-2.2.0_1+gfortran+mpich+openblas configure fails arm64
py27-numpy @1.16.6_3+gfortran+openblas: ld: duplicate LC_RPATH '/opt/local/lib/libgcc' in '/opt/local/lib/libopenblas-r1.dylib'
OpenBLAS @0.3.24: failed to destroot
OpenBLAS: some recent change in Macports broken finding OpenBLAS with Clang builds for some ports
OpenBLAS @0.3.25_2: installs /opt/local/include/openblas/openblas/lapacke_mangling.h
OpenBLAS, OpenBLAS-devel now broken on PowerPC [FIXED]
OpenBLAS @0.3.25: Update to 0.3.26
elmerfem @2023.12.13_0+gcc13+openblas: This file was generated using the moc from 5.15.12. It cannot be used with the include files from this version of Qt.
py-numpy @1.26.2 +openblas: Fails to configure with OpenBLAS, defaults to Accelerate

KDE ports

KDE Base

Kdelibs4, Kactivities, Nepomuk-core, Nepomuk-widgets, Kdepimlibs4, Oxygen-icons, Kde4-runtime, Kde4-baseapps

kdelibs4 doesn't respect startupitem
kdelibs4 mobile profile
kdepimlibs4 fails to build on / 2.2.1
kde4-baseapps build failure on OS X 10.6.8
kdelibs4 configure failure
[developer] kdelibs4 4.14/git/master portfile and directory
Multiple problems with kdelibs4 port
kdelibs4 @4.14.3_10 won't build on High Sierra
kdelibs4 : address alignment issues in the native Aqua style
kdelibs4 @ 4.14.3_15: build failure on Catalina
smokekde @4.14.3_5 +debug+docs: Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64 with kdelibs4+osxkeychain
kdelibs4 does not find some installed ports which it needs
kdelibs4 @4.14.3_110 +debug+docs+osxkeychain: onto2vocabularyclass segfaults during build

KDE Auxiliary

Analitza, Kde-wallpapers, Kate, Konsole, Kdeartwork, Kdetoys4, Kdewebdev

Port Request: Perl Syntax::Highlight::Engine::Kate
kbuildsycoca4 error 88500 after installing kdewebdev
kate @4.11.2_0 unexpected behavior with dynamic word wrap
kate @4.14.3_0: screen refreshing problem
submission: kf5-kate
sudo port install kate goes to sleep on El Capitan 10.11.2
Kate @4.14.3_5 build failure: Failed to generate ICNS

KDE Misc

Kde4-kile, Kdevplatform, Kdevelop

Kdevelop will not launch after successful installation
kde4-kile: Associating with .tex files for opening a file by double-clicking
kde4-kile: not opening on Mojave
kde4-kile @2.1.3_6: "replace" command not working


Gwenview, Kamera, Kcolorchooser, Kdegraphics-strigi-analyzer, Kdegraphics-thumbnailers, Kolourpaint, Kruler, Ksaneplugin, Libkdcraw, Libkexiv2, Libkipi, Libksane, Mobipocket, Okular, Svgpart

libkdcraw: LLVM ERROR: Cannot yet select: 0x100cb5b10: f32 = ConstantFP<0.000000e+00> [ORD=625] [ID=4]
okular @0.6.4 makes broken screen when scrolling
okular @4.14.3_1 reloads djvu files repeatedly
okular and kspaceduel both crash after successful build/install
libkdcraw does not build against libraw-0.19.0
Okular installation not working in Ventura13.0.1(arm64)


Ark, Kde4-filelight, Kcalc, Kcharselect, Kdiskfree, Kgpg, Ktimer, Kwallet, Sweeper, Kfloppy

Wireshark ChmodBPF
wireshark in applications_dir
Option to mark a port for installation when the port is fixed
wireshark doesn't build without libpng
wireshark @1.10.0_1: Install ws_symbol_export.h
wireshark @1.12.7: Build fails with lua 5.3
wireshark will not start on PowerPC OS X 10.5.8
new port: kf5-kwalletmanager
wireshark build fails: 'QtGui/QAction' file not found
wireshark2 @2.0.4: This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "cocoa" in "".
wireshark2 +qt5: fails to compile without c++11
autorequested (mark some unrequested leaves as requested)
glark: Update to 1.10.5
QLMarkdown and QLColorcode fail on Catalina 10.15
apache-spark @[2.4,3.0] [2.4.7,3.0.1]: new port submission
wireshark3@3.4.7 +lua Permission deined - build failure
darktable/inkscape/gimp: unable to access user files, when run via app bundle on big sur or monterey
QLMarkdown fails to build on MacOS Monterey
MacOSX10.7.sdk and MacOSX10.9.sdk: Marked as broken by rev-upgrade
kcalc @4.14.3_3: Assertion failure in -[NSNib initWithContentsOfURL:], NSNib.m:65, Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInternalInconsistencyException', reason: 'Deprecated in 10.8.'
cmark: library install name contains full version number
gd license should not be marked as conflicting with GPL
celt: mark obsolete, since merged into libopus
R-commonmark Macports page duplicates test deps as lib deps
darktable, darktable-devel: error: too many arguments to function call


Libkdeedu, Blinken, Cantor, Kalgebra, Kalzium, Kanagram, Kbruch, Kgeography, Khangman, Kig, Kiten, Klettres, Kmplot, Kstars, Ktouch, Kturtle, Kwordquiz, Marble, Parley, Rocs, Step

gnustep portgroup reinplace didn't change anything in ...
gnustep-back: build failure on Leopard: Segmentation fault
freetype variant for GNUstep
gnustep-base: gnustep-config: command not found
gnustep-base configure fails on 10.6, "I don't seem to be able to use your Objective-C compiler to produce working binaries"
gnustep-gui fails to install
gnustep-make-cocoa: installs files containing -arch flags
preparing port:qt5-kde step 2 : the qt5 PortGroup(s)
buildbot: add a checkbox to add an additional step that runs the test suite
gnustep-gui gnustep-base building
kiten @4.14.3_3 +debug+docs: error: ordered comparison between pointer and zero
rocs @4.14.3_6 +debug+docs: fatal error: too many errors emitted, stopping now [-ferror-limit=] (c++11-related?)
teleport @11.3.2: build step errors fetching packages
step-cli @0.25.1: checksum mismatch


Kross-interpreters, Smokegen, Smokeqt, Smokekde, Qyoto, Kimono, Qtruby, Korundum, Perlqt, Perlkde

smokeqt configure fails
qyoto @ 4.14.3: fails to build on Yosemite
smokekde @4.14.3_5 +debug+docs: Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64 with kdelibs4+osxkeychain


Dragon, Ffmpegthumbs, Juk, Kmix, Kscd, Libkcompactdisc, Libkcddb, Mplayerthumbs

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Kcron, Ksystemlog, kuser

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Cervisia, Dolphin-plugins, Kapptemplate, Kcachegrind4, Kdesdk-strigi-analyzers, Kdesdk-kioslaves, Kdesdk-thumbnailers, Kde-dev-scripts, Kde-dev-utils, Kompare, Lokalize, Okteta, Poxml, Umbrello

kcachegrind4: Allow use of unixODBC
port:kdesdk-kioslaves : make build against subversion 1.9+
new ports: kf5-{libkomparediff2,kompare}
umbrello: Use qt5 instead of qt4
umbrello: display flickers and using code import wizard results in null pointer read attempt
Umbrello crashes at launch


Kdenetwork-filesharing, Kdenetwork-strigi-analyzers, Kdnssd, Kget, Kopete, Krdc

libgcrypt abort/crash when using krdc to connect to an OS X host


Bomber, Bovo, Granatier, Kapman, Katomic, Kblackbox, Kblocks, Kbounce, Kbreakout, Kdiamond, Kfourinline, Kgoldrunner, Kigo, Killbots, Kiriki, Kjumpingcube, Klickety, Klines, Kmahjongg, Kmines, Knavalbattle, Knetwalk, Kolf, Kollision, Konquest, Kpat, Kreversi, Kshisen, Ksirk, Ksnakeduel, Kspaceduel, Ksquares, Ksudoku, Ktuberling, Kubrick, Lskat, Palapeli, Picmi

okular and kspaceduel both crash after successful build/install
CMake PortGroup : generate a file in ${workpath} containing the complete cmake invocation
jack @1.9.21: error: static_assert failed "fCounter must be aligned within JackAtomicState"

KDE language packages


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libxls @1.6.2_0: error: possibly undefined macro: AM_ICONV

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