I live in Berlin, Germany. I like to program, and I like working software. Currently interested in Erlang, Ruby, C, Common Lisp, Unix IO APIs, and B-Trees.

Personal MacPorts wishlist

  1. There should be an automatic build server (ideally with results in a web interface, filterable, searchable and with automatic notification)
  2. Dependencies don't use variants; fix
  3. Outlaw any overwriting of other port's files, because it makes install fail (without -f, which is not an option ;)
  4. There should be post-activate and pre-deactivate hooks to run port-specific scripts (e.g. to install launchd plists)
  5. new option to automatically upgrade dependencies before building a port
  6. port list, info are slow; make fast (using b-trees) [r47110, using temp hash cache]
  7. There should be user messages from within Portfiles which are a bit more persistent, like emails; maybe a highlevel user-message log file is enough
  8. There should be a tool which finds stale references from executables and libraries to dynamically linked libraries (think gentoo revdep-rebuild)
  9. make guide use a reasonable (wiki-like) markup, not docbook-xml. [rejected on the dev list]
  10. Feature: Dependencies can use (minimum) versions
  11. 'uninstall --follow-dependents' loses its value by the fact that port constantly asks which specific version to uninstall if there is more than one installed (which is usually the case for every one, since it is the default)

My ports are:


Open issues of these ports:

graphviz +universal +ruby fails if ruby19 is -universal
tuntaposx @20111101 - Building failure
rb-rmagick: update to 2.16.0
tuntaposx: kernel extensions have to be signed


tuntaposx @20111101 - Building failure
Ports with a mysql4 or mysql5 variants and/or dependencies should switch to using mysql56 or possibly mariadb.
rb-rmagick: update to 2.16.0
tuntaposx: kernel extensions have to be signed

Reported Tickets

guide (trunk) Documentation missing for several Tcl extenstions (pextlib1.0)

Assigned Tickets

No results


support for launchd.plist items (e.g. UserName) in portfiles
Allow multiple ports to satisfy a single dependency
mpab timeout on port builds

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