MacPorts Meeting 2018: Buildbot

Outstanding issues:

  • Buildbot 1.0
    • Can we switch to the new version?
      • #56044: We should prototype builds on Buildbot 1.x and fix the UI rather than working around 0.8's limitations.
    • Would offer GitHub authentication
  • Deploying www/guide/portindex jobs
    • Has to be deployed by Ryan
  • Pull requests
    • Can we test them on our own infrastructure?
    • Requires spinning up clean VMs
  • Fixing email notifications
    • No access to logs, Ryan needs to look into it: #56045
  • Do not attempt to build ports on platforms they are known to fail on: #15712
    • Use 'platforms' option from Portfiles

Most important and might want to start on this meeting:

  • Building variants
    • Ticket: #52742
    • Make mpbb support building with variants
    • Which set of variants should be build by the buildbot?
      • +quartz
      • +universal

  • Reorganization
    • Use one build job per port
    • Add another level of hierarchy
    • Have a single portwatcher jobs that triggers mirroring and distributes jobs to OS-specific builds afterwards
  • Port dependencies build order
    • Ticket: #52766
    • Dependencies need to be built first
    • Sort list of ports to topological order


Add a buildbot with +universal for all packages
fetch.type {git,bzr} hits buildbot timeout after 20 minutes without output
buildbot improvements
Buildbot: create a new factory to aid with new MacPort releases
Buildbot: use GitHub authentication
buildbot: add support for building ports with variants
Enhance buildbot email to include links to failing builds instead of just all builds
buildbot: don't say "failed to calculate dependencies" when dependencies are in fact missing
buildbot: list the failed dependencies in DescriptionDone
buildbot: implement filters of stdio, one for installation, one for dependencies
buildbot notification mails have wrong To: with non-ASCII encoding
buildbot: builds with linking errors are not handled properly
buildbot: allow building 'pseudoports'
buildbot: multiple failed dependencies reported as multiple broken builds in email report
buildbot: better handle removal of ports in mpbb
buildbot: weird handling of conflicting dependencies
buildbot: portwatcher should not run if portbuilder is still running
buildbot: provide a way to (force)build just one subport
buildbot: add a checkbox to add an additional step that runs the test suite
buildbot: provide a way to rebuild all ports between two commits
buildbot: merge portwatcher jobs
buildbot: exit early in portbuilder if port already built
buildbot new view implementations
Buildbot: Replace WithProperties with Interpolate
Buildbot: Save port version, variants and commit that the port being built belongs to
Switch to buildbot 2.x
Buildbot: some members receive no email notifications
Evaluate replacing getopt with pure-getopt in mpbb to avoid getopt dependency in Travis CI
Add a lint job
buildbot: Prioritize builders
wine*: The 10.6 i386 builder incorrectly skips building these ports
mpbb mirror-distfiles repeatedly downloads distfiles with checksum mismatches
Buildbot: Don't keep huge ports installed
Builds are not always in the right order
Could mpbb-install-dependencies exit early if the port is already installed?
mpbb fails parsing command line options if disk is full
Don't let the disk fill up
mpbb mirror-distfiles should print progress information so that slow downloads don't time out
Buildbot should wait until the clock catches up to the Portfiles
Mirror distfiles immediately after a commit
Include the portwatcher build number in the portbuilder priority

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