MacPorts Meeting 2018: Buildbot

Outstanding issues:

  • Buildbot 1.0
    • Can we switch to the new version?
      • #56044: We should prototype builds on Buildbot 1.x and fix the UI rather than working around 0.8's limitations.
    • Would offer GitHub authentication
  • Deploying www/guide/portindex jobs
    • Has to be deployed by Ryan
  • Pull requests
    • Can we test them on our own infrastructure?
    • Requires spinning up clean VMs
  • Fixing email notifications
    • No access to logs, Ryan needs to look into it: #56045
  • Do not attempt to build ports on platforms they are known to fail on: #15712
    • Use 'platforms' option from Portfiles

Most important and might want to start on this meeting:

  • Building variants
    • Ticket: #52742
    • Make mpbb support building with variants
    • Which set of variants should be build by the buildbot?
      • +quartz
      • +universal

  • Reorganization
    • Use one build job per port
    • Add another level of hierarchy
    • Have a single portwatcher jobs that triggers mirroring and distributes jobs to OS-specific builds afterwards
  • Port dependencies build order
    • Ticket: #52766
    • Dependencies need to be built first
    • Sort list of ports to topological order


Add a buildbot with +universal for all packages
fetch.type {git,bzr} hits buildbot timeout after 20 minutes without output
buildbot improvements
Buildbot: create a new factory to aid with new MacPort releases
Buildbot: use GitHub authentication
buildbot: add support for building ports with variants
Enhance buildbot email to include links to failing builds instead of just all builds
buildbot: list the failed dependencies in DescriptionDone
buildbot: implement filters of stdio, one for installation, one for dependencies
buildbot notification mails have wrong To: with non-ASCII encoding
buildbot: builds with linking errors are not handled properly
buildbot: allow building 'pseudoports'
buildbot: multiple failed dependencies reported as multiple broken builds in email report
buildbot: better handle removal of ports in mpbb
buildbot: weird handling of conflicting dependencies
buildbot: portwatcher should not run if portbuilder is still running
buildbot: provide a way to (force)build just the main port and not its other subports
buildbot: add a checkbox to add an additional step that runs the test suite
buildbot: provide a way to rebuild all ports between two commits
buildbot: merge portwatcher jobs
buildbot new view implementations
Buildbot: Replace WithProperties with Interpolate
Buildbot: Save port version, variants and commit that the port being built belongs to
Switch to buildbot 2.x
Buildbot: some members receive no email notifications
Evaluate replacing getopt with pure-getopt in mpbb to avoid getopt dependency in Travis CI
Add a lint job
wine*: The 10.6 i386 builder incorrectly skips building these ports
Buildbot: Don't keep huge ports installed
Builds are not always in the right order
mpbb fails parsing command line options if disk is full
Don't let the disk fill up
Buildbot should wait until the clock catches up to the Portfiles
Mirror distfiles immediately after a commit
Reduce disk writes
Reduce disk writes by extracting distfiles directly from fileserver
Let ports opt in to being built for different deployment targets on buildbot
sort-with-subports.tcl shouldn't check public server for nondistributable ports
port_binary_distributable.tcl: Clarify reason for nondistributability
mpbb: Remove failcache entry if port is already installed
buildbot jobs: remove MaxCDN zone purge
mpbb takes too long to install dependencies
base and buildbots: certificate issues
CI runs on users' fork without opting-in
Discussion re pre-built ports for PPC
Portfile autoupdate: is it possible to setup GitHub actions to avoid manual updates
collectd has so many default variants that buildbot fails to remove the failcache entry
#67594 implement simple front-end to display status; including "down for maintenance" (if intentional), or "no response from buildbot infrastructure" (for unanticipated issues)
Mirror for each build_arch
Possible to add CI and/or buildbots with GCC (on Intel)?
Buildbot on Intel tries to build PowerPC ports
Provide config.log from builders

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