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Ports maintained:

gforthlangtrunkNo results
hdhomerunnettrunkNo results
hdhomerun_guimultimediatrunkNo results
libupnpdeveltrunkNo results

lirc @0.9.4c: curl_poll.h contains erroneous #include "config.h"

MacPorts_daemondosysutilstrunkNo results
mythtv-core.25multimediatrunkNo results
mythtv-core.26multimediatrunkNo results
mythtv-core.27multimediatrunkNo results
mythtv-core.28multimediatrunkNo results
mythtv-pkg.27multimediatrunkNo results
mythtv-pkg.28multimediatrunkNo results
mythtv-plugins.27multimediatrunkNo results
mythtv-plugins.28multimediatrunkNo results
mythtv.27multimediatrunkNo results
mythtv.28multimediatrunkNo results
mythweb.25multimediatrunkNo results
mythweb.26multimediatrunkNo results
mythweb.27multimediatrunkNo results
mythweb.28multimediatrunkNo results

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Reported Tickets

mysql51, mysql55, percona, mariadb: Simple stop/start applescript
gramps: use app portgroup to add launcher
php5-mysql: Harmonize database variants
p5-dbd-mysql: Harmonize database variants
qt4-mac: libc++ under Lion
gobject-introspection: reinplace warnings
lua52: reinplace warnings
minidlna: new version renamed ReadyMedia

Assigned Tickets

lirc @0.9.4c: curl_poll.h contains erroneous #include "config.h"
lirc @0.9.4d_2: update to 0.10.0
mediainfo @0.7.99 fails to build on SnowLeopard, Mac OS X 10.6.8, because of "Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64"
p5-dbd-mysql: wrong default variants for mythtv-core.28
mythtv.27, mythtv-pkg.27, mythtv-pkg.28: Unsuitable version numbers
hdhomerun_gui @20150826: patch failure
mythtv-pkg.28 @8238e839: sh: ./configure: No such file or directory


apache2 @2.2.22_2 startup item
Ports that use qmake: consider using the new qmake portgroup
ntopng: new port, to replace ntop port
github portgroup: offer the option to use archive URLs instead of tarball URLs
ntop @5.0.1_2 doesn't create ntop user, causes launchd task to always fail
Ports with a mysql4 or mysql5 variants and/or dependencies should switch to using mysql56 or possibly mariadb.
Incomplete mpkg of gtk2 port
VLC build seems to be missing things, particularly some subtitle support
HandBrakeCLI @0.10.0: m4: error: unable to find utility "m4", not a developer tool or in PATH
mysql(s): respect macports startupitem.install config setting.
HandBrake @0.10.0: update to 1.1.0
Qt5 : 5.9, 5.8 and Mac OS X 10.9
Checksum mismatches for generated tarballs from GitHub
ledger failed to install
p5.26-dbd-mysql @4.048 +mariabd: error: invalid token at start of a preprocessor expression

Followed Ports

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