El Capitan Problems

General Issues

First of all, please read Migration.

Updating MacPorts Base

MacPorts must be re-installed in a version configured for OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

Ensure you have at least the command line tools installed by running xcode-select --install from a Terminal. Make sure to also run this even if you have Xcode installed, because some ports fail to build without it. You also have to run sudo xcodebuild -license after doing this.

If you get a CoreSimulator error message

Ensure your macports user has the correct home directory. (#49101)

Run the following (#45445):

sudo launchctl asuser id -u macports sudo -u macports xcrun simctl list

Tickets for Broken Ports

csound @5.16.6: KeyError: 10
FSF gcc48 fails to compile projects on El Capitan due to OS X SDK bug in Availability.h
emacs-mac-app @5.9: error: no type or protocol named 'WebFrameLoadDelegate'
phantomjs 2.0 fails to build on OS X 10.11 El Capitan
star @1.5.2: mkdir: /etc/default: Operation not permitted
HandBrakeCLI @0.10.0: error: invalid xcconfig: osx1011.x86_64
mongodb does not start after upgrade to El Capitan
vtk5: dyld: Library not loaded: /opt/local/lib/vtk-5.10/libvtksys.5.10.dylib
sbcl 1.3 fails to build
Aquaterm 1.1.1 El Capitan build failure
zeroc-ice35: error: expression with side effects will be evaluated despite being used as an operand to 'typeid'
optpp: ld: framework not found vecLib
Xcode 7.3 bug: __DATA/__thread_bss extends beyond end of file
dibbler @1.0.0RC1: ../Misc/Portable.h:323:48: error: expected ')'
cups-pdf mainly broken on El Capitan OS X 10.11
tuntaposx: kernel extensions have to be signed
Error: Processing of port netcdf-fortran failed
gmake @4.2.1: Symbol not found: _clock_gettime
osxfuse @3.6.3: use of undeclared identifiers 'VOL_CAP_FMT_NO_IMMUTABLE_FILES' 'VOL_CAP_FMT_NO_PERMISSIONS'

xemacs on El Capitan
boost mpich problem on el capitan
sudo port install kate goes to sleep on El Capitan 10.11.2
Trying to port netcdf on El Capitan but failed

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