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Last modified 3 years ago Last modified on 03/07/12 08:03:15

Lion Problems

General Issues

First of all, please read Migration if you upgraded from a previous version of Mac OS X. For issues after upgrading to Xcode 4.3 read the ProblemHotlist.

If you have found a new issue which is not yet listed on this page, please report to the MailingLists or file a ticket.

Tickets for Broken Ports

qt4-x11 doesn't support 10.6 or later
GraphicsMagick fix for 10.7
expat @2.0.1 +universal Configure failure
Pallet crashed during port upgrade
qt3-mac: #error "This version of Mac OS X is unsupported"
Samba3 not reading groups resulting in logon failure. (Lion)
rdesktop 1.6.0: segmentation fault
boxes not working (in Lion?)
gcc44, gcc45 precompiled headers broken on lion
Mozart fails to build on Lion
munin node fail to update with "Plugin XYZ Can't drop privileges: setrgid()"
postgresql91-server @9.1.2_0 initialization fails
gtk2 build failure on 10.8: incomplete definition of type 'struct _ipp_s'
openal: error: 'CAStreamBasicDescription.h' file not found
grace @5.1.22_6 - Grace crash on Print
w3m @0.5.3 build failure: func.c:200:24: error: use of undeclared identifier 'functable'
hamcrest-core fails to build on Mountain Lion
openssl @1.0.1c openssl configure fails on Mountain Lion
ocaml native binaries crash often
strigi: error: no member named 'tm' in the global namespace
p5-net-cups @0.610.0_2: 'cups/image.h' file not found, build failure
apache2 @2.2.22_2 startup item
OS X Mountain Lion has no /var/log/secure.log for sshguard to read
transmission-x11 Unable to install transmission-x11 on Mountain Lion
cmake: fix build against libc++ on Lion
root5: fails to compile with libc++ on 10.7 (error: no matching function for call to 'isnan')

munin installation fails on Lion with no JRE installed
net/mrtg @2.17.2 rateup Lion crash - WARNING: rateup died from Signal 11
yap fails to build under lion
mpd crash on Lion when playing m4a files
p5.12-gtk2 does not compile on MacOS X Lion
gdk-pixbuf fails to compile on x86_64 (Lion)
dircproxy 1.0.5 does not compile with clang/llvm 3.0 on OS X Lion
gcc48 fails to build on Mountain Lion
commons-daemon java 1.7 mountain lion fails
cyrus-sasl2: use Heimdal instead of MIT Kerberos on Lion and later
JAVA_HOME lost when building tomcat6 on Mountain Lion
iTunesMatchHelper: Lion buildbot fails
Digikam hangs at "Reading database" on start in Mountain Lion
tktable: build fails on Mountain Lion, error: incomplete definition of type 'struct _XDisplay'
v8 @3.23.15: build fails on lion buildslave and icu confusion
Undefined symbols upgrading qpdf on Lion
boost +universal fails with "bad register name" over a million times
valgrind{,-devel} +gcc48 +openmpi not building on mountain lion
pypy: Buildbots failed to build PyPy for SnowLeopard, Lion and MountainLion because of a strict timeout
openjade @1.3.2_8: fails to build on OSX Lion