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Last modified 2 years ago Last modified on 03/07/12 08:03:15

Lion Problems

General Issues

First of all, please read Migration if you upgraded from a previous version of Mac OS X. For issues after upgrading to Xcode 4.3 read the ProblemHotlist.

If you have found a new issue which is not yet listed on this page, please report to the MailingLists or file a ticket.

Tickets for Broken Ports

qt4-x11 doesn't support 10.6 or later
GraphicsMagick fix for 10.7
expat @2.0.1 +universal Configure failure
Pallet crashed during port upgrade
qt3-mac: #error "This version of Mac OS X is unsupported"
Samba3 not reading groups resulting in logon failure. (Lion)
ctags 5.8 creates improper tags file when compiled with llvm
rdesktop 1.6.0: segmentation fault
boxes not working (in Lion?)
gcc44, gcc45 precompiled headers broken on lion
Mozart fails to build on Lion
php52 +pear: [install-pear-installer] Segmentation fault: 11
munin node fail to update with "Plugin XYZ Can't drop privileges: setrgid()"
postgresql91-server @9.1.2_0 initialization fails
gtk2 build failure on 10.8: incomplete definition of type 'struct _ipp_s'
openal: error: 'CAStreamBasicDescription.h' file not found
grace @5.1.22_6 - Grace crash on Print
w3m @0.5.3 build failure: func.c:200:24: error: use of undeclared identifier 'functable'
hamcrest-core fails to build on Mountain Lion
postgresql91 fails to build at contrib/uuid-ossp under OS X 10.8
openssl @1.0.1c openssl configure fails on Mountain Lion
ocaml native binaries crash often
strigi: error: no member named 'tm' in the global namespace
p5.12-net-cups @0.610.0, Revision 2 (perl), 'cups/image.h' file not found, build failure
apache2 @2.2.22_2 startup item
OS X Mountain Lion has no /var/log/secure.log for sshguard to read
transmission-x11 Unable to install transmission-x11 on Mountain Lion
netatalk: fatal error: 'netat/appletalk.h' file not found
kdebase3-3.5.10-7 make failed!
p5-shell-parser: sed: RE error: illegal byte sequence
Maxima .28.0_3 +printable_doc does not build on 10.8
vim @7.4.052_0+huge+python27 build failure

xcircuit @3.4.30 crashes on Lion
munin installation fails on Lion with no JRE installed
net/mrtg @2.17.2 rateup Lion crash - WARNING: rateup died from Signal 11
yap fails to build under lion
Python loading system numpy in preference to MacPorts version (Lion)
mpd crash on Lion when playing m4a files
p5.12-gtk2 does not compile on MacOS X Lion
libcdio 0.83 misses osx driver in Lion and possibly Snow Leopard
gdk-pixbuf fails to compile on x86_64 (Lion)
dircproxy 1.0.5 does not compile with clang/llvm 3.0 on OS X Lion
gcc48 fails to build on Mountain Lion
commons-daemon java 1.7 mountain lion fails
cyrus-sasl2: use Heimdal instead of MIT Kerberos on Lion and later
JAVA_HOME lost when building tomcat6 on Mountain Lion
iTunesMatchHelper: Lion buildbot fails
Digikam hangs at "Reading database" on start in Mountain Lion
tktable: build fails on Mountain Lion, error: incomplete definition of type 'struct _XDisplay'
v8 @3.23.15: build fails on lion buildslave and icu confusion
Undefined symbols upgrading qpdf on Lion
boost +universal fails with "bad register name" over a million times
valgrind{,-devel} +gcc48 +openmpi not building on mountain lion