macOS High Sierra Problems

General Issues

First of all, please read Migration.

Updating MacPorts Base

MacPorts must be re-installed in a version configured for macOS 10.13 High Sierra.

Ensure you have Xcode 9.0 or greater installed and selected (e.g. sudo xcode-select -s /Applications/, and that you have the command line tools installed (xcode-select --install). You also have to agree to the license by running sudo xcodebuild -license.

As of Xcode 9.x, the -license option might not be sufficient alone, and following command might be required to agree to the license: sudo xcodebuild -runFirstLaunch

Tickets for Broken Ports

libtorrent, libtorrent-devel: fatal error: 'tr1/functional' file not found
HandBrakeCLI @0.10.0: error: invalid xcconfig: osx1011.x86_64
vtk5: dyld: Library not loaded: /opt/local/lib/vtk-5.10/libvtksys.5.10.dylib
tuntaposx: kernel extensions have to be signed
R-app 1.68.1 fails to build on 10.13 beta 9 (high sierra) with Xcode 9.0 beta 6
g95 fails to build on 10.13 High Sierra
ldas-tools-al @ 2.5.5: not compiling on High Sierra
osxfuse @3.7.1: Library not loaded: @rpath/libclang.dylib (LoadError)
g95 @0.93_5: error: ‘free’ undeclared (first use in this function)
sshfs-gui @1.3: error: use of undeclared identifier 'failedGestalt'
kde4-workspace: fails to compile on High Sierra
perl5: test needs an existing perl installation on High Sierra
perl5.24, perl5.26: failed db-hash test on 10.13
crossgcc: broken builds on APFS
launch: Update to 1.2.4
valgrind @3.13.0 is not compatible with macOS version 10.13
idutils @4.6_0: mkid always fails with "Illegal instruction: 4"
nodejs7 @7.10.1: error: return type of out-of-line definition of 'v8_inspector::InspectedContext::createInjectedScript' differs from that in the declaration
Latex `powerdot' output not covering the entire page
libsdl: cursor lacks transparency in High Sierra (macOS 10.13)
fluxbox @1.3.7_1 does not compile on macOS High Sierra, Version 10.13.4, because it clock_gettime() and uses a pointer instead an int
burn-app 2.5.1: Build failure - QTKit.h file not found
py36-matplotlib @2.2.2 +latex +qt4: The following required packages can not be built: qt4agg
emacs-devel @20170918 as X client cannot be used with recent fontconfig @2.13.0_0 and non-C locale
kdelibs4 @4.14.3_10 won't build on High Sierra
ERROR: Could not build Bazel
opendx @4.4.4: could not find working combination of stat function and structure
tkcvs 7.2.1 uses wish8.4, which doesn't exist on High Sierra
wcslib 5.17.0 missing package contents on high sierra?
Installing Gimp via MacPorts on High Sierra (Gimp do not launch or disappear)
ntpviz in ntpsec @1.1.2 cannot display anything because it cannot find the Liberation fonts

bind9 @9.12.1_0 does not work on my High Sierra
unison @2.51.2 requires macOS High Sierra or newer
gdb: update to 8.1.1 so it can be better used on macOS High Sierra+
py-numpy: numpy.polyfit broken with +gfortran variant on High Sierra

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