macOS High Sierra Problems

General Issues

First of all, please read Migration.

Updating MacPorts Base

MacPorts must be re-installed in a version configured for macOS 10.13 High Sierra.

Ensure you have Xcode 9.0 or greater installed and selected (e.g. sudo xcode-select -s /Applications/, and that you have the command line tools installed (xcode-select --install). You also have to agree to the license by running sudo xcodebuild -license.

As of Xcode 9.x, the -license option might not be sufficient alone, and following command might be required to agree to the license: sudo xcodebuild -runFirstLaunch

Tickets for Broken Ports

HandBrakeCLI @0.10.0: error: invalid xcconfig: osx1011.x86_64
tuntaposx: kernel extensions have to be signed
R-app 1.68.1 fails to build on 10.13 beta 9 (high sierra) with Xcode 9.0 beta 6
osxfuse @3.7.1: Library not loaded: @rpath/libclang.dylib (LoadError)
sshfs-gui @1.3: error: use of undeclared identifier 'failedGestalt'
kde4-workspace: fails to compile on High Sierra
crossgcc: broken builds on APFS
idutils @4.6_0: mkid always fails with "Illegal instruction: 4"
burn-app 2.5.1: Build failure - QTKit.h file not found
emacs-devel @20170918 as X client cannot be used with recent fontconfig @2.13.0_0 and non-C locale
kdelibs4 @4.14.3_10 won't build on High Sierra
bazel @0.11.1: ERROR: missing input file '@local_jdk//:lib/tools.jar'
tkcvs 7.2.1 uses wish8.4, which doesn't exist on High Sierra
darwinbuild @37 +universal Failed to build darwinbuild: command execution failed
iTerm2 @3.3.9: error: expected ';' after top level declarator
osquery @4.3.0: error: initializer 'level' does not name a non-static data member or base class; did you mean the member 'level_'?
qt5-qtwebengine @5.15.2: does not build on macOS 10.13 with Xcode 9
xorg-server @1.20.11+universal: error: use of undeclared identifier '_x_active'; did you mean 'x_active'?
policykit @0.116_1+universal: error: implicit declaration of function 'fdatasync' is invalid in C99
py38-cryptography @3.4.7+universal: error[E0463]: can't find crate for `core`
clang-12 @12.0.0: error: non-constant-expression cannot be narrowed from type 'long long' to 'std::size_t' (aka 'unsigned long') in initializer list [-Wc++11-narrowing]
lua-language-server @2.5.2: error: unknown type name 'ldiv_t'; did you mean 'dev_t'?
chromaprint @1.5.1 does not build again on macOS High Sierra, Version 10.13.6
mpv 0.34.1: Xcode is required even for the precompiled binary
py38-build @0.7.0 does not install on High Sierra, macOS 10.13.6, because: /opt/local/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.8/bin/python3.8: No module named install.__main__; 'install' is a package and cannot be directly executed
py-spyder @5.3.0_0 segfault on High Sierra
lens @6.1.14: Playwright does not support webkit on mac10.13
libgcc9: Error: gcc9 9.5.0 is not supported on Darwin 17 i386
cctools @949.0.1_2 does not support llvm-15
MacOSX10.7.sdk and MacOSX10.9.sdk: Marked as broken by rev-upgrade
meld displays file table intermittently
SendMIDI, ReceiveMIDI: The 10.14 SDK (Xcode 10.1+) is required to build JUCE apps
py-pyobjc @9.0.1 fails to build on <= 10.13
lldb-12 @12.0.1: error: 'ptsname_r' is only available on macOS 10.13.4 or newer
nodejs20 @20.9.0_0: Undefined symbols std::__1::__libcpp_verbose_abort(char const*, ...)
tatami, tatami-devel fail to build with clang on < 10.14: Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64: "___kmpc_for_static_fini" etc.
btop broken on Catalina and below
tiledb @2.18.2 fails to build with clangs on Catalina and earlier
LimeChat broken on every macOS from Mojave down
folly +tests needs a better fix for aligned_alloc on macOS <11; perhaps, switch to posix_memalign
lpython needs filesystem on < 10.15 when Clang is used
geany @2.0 Fails to Build on High Sierra - default member initializer for 'character' needed within definition of enclosing class
re2 @2024-04-01: fatal error: 'filesystem' file not found
sigil-qt4 fails to build with clang: Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64: "boost::scoped_static_mutex_lock::scoped_static_mutex_lock(boost::static_mutex&, bool)"
c-ares @1.30.0_1: error: expected value in expression
folly @2024.06.03.00 fails on Catalina and below with libc++: error: no matching constructor for initialization of 'std::function<LocalRefCount ()>'

sshfs 2.x unable to create mount points (Sierra/High Sierra and later)
emacs-app-devel @20210430_1+nativecomp+rsvg does not work on mac OS High Sierra, 10.13.6
Build msp430-gcc-devel failed on High Sierra
llvm-15 @15.0.6 Failure to install on High Sierra
openjdk17: Build failure on High Sierra and earlier
gcc12@12.3.0_3 - Fails to Upgrade and Build on High Sierra

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