Michael Dickens

  • Nicknames: michaelld
  • E-Mail: michaelld AT

Michael has been programming since 1981 in various languages including assembly (6502, 680x0, PPC, x86 - notice a trend?), C, C++, MATLAB (now PyLab), and Python. He has been a Mac user since entering MIT undergrad in 1986, and is finishing his PhD at the University of Notre Dame in the general topic area of software-defined radios (SDR) in 2012. He has worked for BBN (1992 through 1997) and The MITRE Corporation (Fall 2001 through Spring 2005), and is currently a consultant in the area of SDR / real-time signal processing systems. He is a GNU Radio developer, having contributed the Mac OS X USB and audio interfaces as well as numerous other bug fixes and various parts of the build system.




Assigned Open Tickets

qt4-x11 update to 4.7.0
Enable cffi support in swig?
py-pyqt4: switch from mac to x11 dist for dbus support
py-numpy: +atlas +gcc44 +universal fixes, tested with py27-numpy 1.6.1_0 on ppc/ppc64
py27-numpy: wrong architecture
swig-python build fails for non-default build_arch
swig: subports do not respect build_arch
Qt applications are blurry on MBP Retina
qt4-mac: macdeployqt shows errors when trying to copy in frameworks
swig-octave: mkoctfile... configure: error: mkoctfile is not installed
py32-numpy (but other version also?) does not link against libgomp when needed
Request for 'disable log' variant of libusb port
cmake +universal cannot be installed with universal_archs='i386 ppc'
qwt60+examples installed, but no examples found
Error in SWIG C++ when installing gnuradio +full on OSX 10.6
qt4-mac @4.8.5_0 missing dependency: qt4-mac-sqlite3-plugin
swig @2.0.10_0: swig-allegro, swig-mzscheme, swig-pike fail to compile
cmake @2.8.12: hardcoded /opt/local
py27-numpy @1.8.0_2 +atlas +gcc48 compile error - build failure
CMake @2.8.12_2: remove /sw paths from installed cmake modules
New port request, sdrangelove
patch to have cmake use -dynamiclib in CMAKE_SHARED_MODULE_CREATE
CMake @3.0.0_2: configure and build pick up local frameworks
gnuradio-next: error: sys/soundcard.h: No such file or directory
make Qt4 respect icon visibility preferences in the system tray menu
limit Qt4's menu item placement guessing and the damages it can cause
py27-pyqt4 fails when trying to install gqrx
swig 3.0.2 port lacks necessary JavaScript files
cmake fails because of XML linking error (expat issue?)
phonon update to 4.8.3, with Qt5 support
GQRX saying it can't install gnu radio because of a py27-scipy dependency conflict- but gnuradio is already installed.
qt4: improved support for less common font weights
gqrx: terminating with uncaught exception of type boost::exception_detail::clone_impl<boost::exception_detail::error_info_injector<boost::system::system_error> >: send_to: Permission denied
volk @20150521_0 Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64
uhd @3.8.4: i386 build fails: error: integer constant is too large for ‘long’ type
py27-pyqwt: support for qwt60
JRE installation dialog when updating cmake
qwt does not build with new qt4-mac port
qt4-mac: Update to 4.8.7_2 Breaks CMake
cmake @3.3.2: CMAKE_OSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET (10.11) is greater than CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT SDK
qt4-mac: macdeployqt broken in 4.8.7_2
py27-pyqwt fails to compile on OSX 10.9.5
qt4-mac: qmake is in /opt/local/libexec/qt4/bin/qmake
cmake @3.4.0 build fails if /Library/Frameworks/libcurl.framework exists
cmake, gnuradio, gr-foo, gr-ieee802-11, gr-ieee802-15-4, volk: just use cxx11 1.0 portgroup
volk @1.1.1 fails to build with gcc-4.2
qt4-mac @4.8.7_3: use of undeclared CoreWLAN identifiers
qt4-mac lacks global pkgconfig data
qt4-mac: libc++ under Lion
py27-pyqwt fails to compile on OSX 10.11.4 when installing gnuradio
qt4-mac fails to build with libressl 2.3.3
CMake PortGroup: set compiler explicitly
cmake upgrade to 3.6.2_0 fails
phonon needs libpng
missing qt5 variant for qscintilla
py27-numpy fresh installation on Sierra fails test
cmake: doesn't recognize macports-clang (No known features for CXX compiler)
Please update swig-ruby to work with ruby-2.4
cmake : ignore policy CMP0025
cppunit @1.14.0 should fallback to a MacPorts gcc if no system c++11 compliant compiler is being found
py27-pyqt4-4.12.1_0+phonon: fatal error: 'abstractaudiooutput.h' file not found
gr-fcdproplus: distfile not found
cmake @3.10.1 does not build on PPC Tiger, Mac OS X 10.4.11, due to various issues building libuv
libuv @1.18.0 does not build on PPC Tiger because configure does not determine that unsetenv() is a void function?
py-numpy: numpy.polyfit broken with +gfortran variant on High Sierra
py27-numpy fails to compile with standard compiler on 10.5 due to: immintrin.h: No such file or directory

Reported Open Tickets

Patches for psi and psi-otr for augmented functionality
Error in SWIG C++ when installing gnuradio +full on OSX 10.6
Add port:flex to graphviz build dependencies
aquaterm fails to build on 10.12 sierra
boost: update to 1.68.0
gpsd: enhance to avoid conflict with mach policy_t type via forthcoming Boost 1.67.0

On CC Open Tickets

py-scipy: not completely universal
psi build failure on 10.6 64-bit
phonon vlc backend for amarok and kde apps
python27 2.7.3_0 py27-gtk 2.22.0_1 etc -- pkg-config files not installed correctly for python 2.6 and 2.7 versions of pygtk and pygobject
qt4-x11 fails to build on Leopard/PowerPC
Amarok cannot play any audio files / phonon backend missing
doxygen and xorg-libxcb circular dependency
cmake-1.0: provide option to disable CMAKE_OSX_ARCHITECTURES
Cannot add .qch files to QtCreator
Ports that use qmake: consider using the new qmake portgroup
Use -isystem instead of -I in default configure.cppflags
cmake PortGroup: don't add -I${prefix}/include to CXXFLAGS
Ports with a mysql4 or mysql5 variants and/or dependencies should switch to using mysql56 or possibly mariadb.
qt4-mac-mysql51-plugin upgrade after replacing mysql5 by mysql51 FAILS
py27-scipy: Symbol not found: _PyUnicodeUCS2_AsASCIIString
unify the use of +threads as a variant name
Inconsistency between python-scientific and most recent version of Numpy
port submission: qtchooser
qt4-mac "noexceptions" variant
qt4-mac +KDE variant.
new (meta)port submission: qt5-mac-mysql-plugins
cmake portgroup: use ninja and/or speed up destroot install?
making port:xz optionally independent of other ports
port submission: qt_select
cmake portgroup: an option to specify non-default location of CMakeLists.txt
cmake_share_module_dir set to wrong value in cmake PortGroup
gr-lte, gr-bluetooth, op25
CMake generating broken Xcode projects when using OpenCV
Update qwt to 6.1.2
CMake Portgroup: use a custom CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE
py34-shiboken fail install or upgrade
Currently failing KDE4 ports (because of concurrent qt4-mac and other reasons)
qt5: some programs' tests try to delete /Applications
qt4/5: set default QThread thread stack size to a reasonable value
py27-scipy @0.16.1_0 +gcc5 +atlas completes install, but doesn't work: symbol not found
boost mpich problem on el capitan
CMake PortGroup : generate a file in ${workpath} containing the complete cmake invocation
Change filenames of binary packages built against libc++ on < 10.9
py27-scipy and py26-scipy fail during "upgrade outdated" with "must set at least one Fortran variant"
compilers-1.0 portgroup allows selection of nonexistent variant to defeat default variant
cmake-1.0: better support for relocation of libraries
virtualbox: fails to find OpenWatcom and Qt4
qt4-mac +debug: non-debug QtWebkit links to debug frameworks, and QtWebkit_debug does not exist
zmq @4.2.0 does not build on a PPC running OS X 10.5.8
preparing port:qt5-kde step 2 : the qt5 PortGroup(s)
Qt5 : load OpenSSL dynamically using MacPorts' port:openssl
boost: incompatible with _LIBCPP_DEBUG?
clang++-mp-4.0 -stdlib=macports-libstdc++ should be in C++11 mode by default
boost assumes libc++ is only used by clang
Qt5 : 5.9, 5.8 and Mac OS X 10.9
CMake fails to determine size of 16-bit int
cmake 1.1 PG : ccache support
py-zmq: problematic dependencies
RFE: Improve Compiler Management Code
poppler @0.65.0 does not build on MacOSX Tiger due to -rpath issue in gobject-introspection

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